01. Beauty


One of the first things I decided to shift, this year, was my beauty routine. If you know me in person, you know I struggle with adult acne. Or a variation of it. It’s mainly due to dietary restrictions. A few years ago, I took my first food intolerance test. The results were mind boggling. I discovered I’m intolerant to a whole lot of different foods. I don’t have a serious allergy where I swell up – I did three times – but it manifests mostly through my chin.

Being someone who never had major acne problems growing up, you can imagine how bummed I was. It may seem very trivial, but my confidence hasn’t been the same since. I’ve tried so many products, went to different dermatologists and nothing worked. There are times my skin looks better. But others where it seems like someone was murdered. On my chin. But the thing is, I also feel sick with some foods I eat.

So, I started with basic things, like eliminating dairy. No more cheese for me. Then went on to things I was clinically intolerant to: cherries, egg whites, olive oil, pineapple, apple, kiwis, and so on. Then, because I did not actually see improvement, I moved on to skincare. Tried different cleansing techniques, masks, tips, tricks, and cover-ups. You name it, I did it.

It gets frustrating to some point because I’m very careful with my skin. I always remove my makeup before going to bed – or as soon as I get home. I apply serums, moisturizers, SPF’s, eye creams. Every get ready with me video I would have new products I would be trying. And also am very careful with the makeup products I used. It wasn’t until this past December that I realized I had to perform dramatic changes.


On the first of December, I held all my makeup and focused only on skincare. Which has been like a kick in the nuts, since my self-esteem relied a lot on the makeup products I was applying. It’s been a dramatic experience and I could not be more proud of myself. You can see it here, here and here, which results in me tilting my head back and looking like a moron. But also finding a way to feel less naked without makeup.

In the long hall, I feel like it’s going to be a world’s difference. And the good thing is, I’m learning a lot in the process of these past two weeks. Especially to be more comfortable in my own skin and fighting any urges to reach for the concealer. In some sort of cathartic way, I feel liberated and empowered. Whilst leaving makeup for special moments – or really bad days.

My goal is to reach one month without applying anything else other than skincare products. Not only do I want to fall in love my skin again, but also inspire others to do so.