Episode 37: Sunday Shooting in Brooklyn


Sunday’s are basically the only day me and M spend time together. During the week his schedule is atypical, which leads to one day to enjoy each other’s company. Which also means that we have to condense as much as possible into less than 12 hours. This past Sunday was particularly cold. And since I started a new series on my Insta Stories (have you seen it?), we sort of forgot to record for the vlog.

It’s sort of, kind of, messy, but portrays accurately our whole Sunday. Getting up, shooting some looks, having a late brunch, walking a bit, supermarket and back home to our puppy. We always try to come up with different things to do on his day off. But it isn’t always easy given my need for his help to shoot looks for the blog, drive to the supermarket, etc.

Also, this vlog was done last minute because I’m learning how to use a new software. Mainly to do the stories, and because I challenged myself to learn something new every month. Regardless, I’m testing the waters and experimenting with a brand new, exciting, world. I hope you stick with me and follow along because, as I said, there are some pretty exciting things coming. One Sunday at the time.

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