Documentaries Worth the Hype on Netflix #2

documentaries on netflix

I felt like the first post I did about documentaries on Netflix was such a success that I decided to do it again. It’s also a great motivation to watch several more documentaries, just so I can talk about them. I’ve been growing tired of just watching series and TV shows. Which are fairly entertaining, and highly addictive, but also don’t teach you a lot. There might be some lessons about relationships, government issues or how to feed a dragon, but I was lacking something else. Around a month ago, I redeemed my love for documentaries, which I used to watch when I was little, and started with 3 big ones. Now, I’ve watched 3 more about which I have to talk about and recommend.

Amanda Knox is a documentary about the murder of an english girl in Italy, back in 2007. There are quite a few documentaries on Netflix talking about murderers and setting cases straight, or leaving them up to our own assumptions. I honestly don’t know what to conclude, after watching it but it’s quite an intriguing case. I remember watching the news about it but never paid too much attention. But it stroke a nerve and I felt unsettled. When I watched Making a Murderer, I knew for sure that Steven Avery was innocent. But with Amanda Knox, I honestly felt torned. What do you think?

Then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A documentary on Netflix made by Joe Cross, an Australian guy who’s overweight, sick and loaded up on steroids. It’s not a magnificent piece of documentary but it’s quite interesting to see, yet again, how food can change our lives. It’s a journey through his transformation, while traveling through the North America. Joe ends up helping others change their own lives and begin a journey to self recovery. All through the power of food.

Finally I decided to watch the very famous Requiem for the American Dream. Where Noam Chomsky talks about the power, wealth and economy in our time. The documentary was filmed throughout four years and it’s a summary of the interviews he did, talking about the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality. It’s very interesting to find out how the american economic and financial systems came to be, and how they’re creating a deep gap between classes that’s going to end middle class.

Do you have any documentaries you recommend? I would love to know.

Twirl and Striped Dress With a Side of Chanel

striped dress

Cannot believe that I’m finally posting this outfit. Ever since I came back from Portugal, this has been my go to. For celebrations, events and even a sweet 16. It definitely has the lady in the red dress emoji vibes and makes me want to twirl all the freaking time. I love how a single piece can be worn many different ways. And this dress has the versatility to stand for a denim jacket, an elegant coat and even an oversized sweater. Being a striped dress, it can cause some widening of the body, but nothing that can’t be resolved with a well placed belt. I’m all for pieces that...

5 Reasons Why Taking a Course is Always a Good Idea

taking a course

Following these 1 and 2 posts, I decided to talk about why taking a course is always a good idea. While mine and my husband’s opinion differ when it comes to going to university, taking a course is a different story. I’ve always been keen on taking courses as a way of complementing my education and, ever since we moved to New York, M as well. I started doing courses during my first year of college. I took a photography, art history and history of design class. After that, I took yet another practice of design and so on. It always felt natural to me to enroll in different courses and...

Simple Tricks To Decorate Your Apartment

apartment decorating

When we first moved to Dubai and got our first apartment, it was exactly that. Our very first apartment together. It was a complicated situation. Our first time living together, in a foreign country we didn’t enjoy that much. Safe to say, even though we had an amazing apartment – one bedroom, two bathrooms, kitchen, huge living room and pool and gym on the rooftop – we didn’t invest that much in it. It felt impersonal and I wasn’t that much into apartment decorating. But while there, I started to follow a lot of lifestyle, fashion and decor blogs. And Pinterest was born. I don’t know if I was an early...

All Black, Rock, Chick and a See Through Top

all black

I rarely get to fancy up here on the blog. Most of my outfits are pretty casual or daily appropriate. Last weekend, when I went to a charity concert, I took the opportunity and snapped a few photos of my outfit of the night. I haven’t been to a concert in a while, but one thing I always aim is to dress comfortably. Concerts always remind me of rock’n’roll chicks, a bold lipstick color and an all black ensemble. And that’s exactly what I went for. I knew what I wanted to wear. This jacket was almost an impulse purchase, but not really. I had been eyeing it since last year, around February, when...

What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost

feeling lost

Do you relate to those days, weeks, months when you wake up and just don’t want to leave the bed? When your motivation is below zero and you just freaking want to be left alone? I feel like I’ve been on those. For quite some time. I’m struggling to get out of this pit I’m digging for myself, while getting in deeper and deeper. I’m finding no purpose in what I’m doing, constantly crying over nothing, feeling annoyed and then extremely happy. But feeling lost as fuck. What the fuck is a person supposed to do? Close up? Go out there? When you’re feeling lost, everything seems a bit pointless....

Dusty Pink and Bell Bottom Denim

dusty pink

You can tell by the sun light that the season has definitely turned. And this particular day, I felt it in the air. I drove to Long Island with my husband – more on why later – and we spent the morning and early afternoon together like the old days. Went to have lunch at our usual favorite spot in Roslyn and for a quick stroll with Poppy in the park. The weather was perfect and the outfit as well. Even though I don’t normally wear heels during the day, with the bell bottom denim, it’s a must. It immediately elongates your legs and makes you look more elegant. These bell...

Weekend Highlights – Charity Concert Edition

Some new books that arrived the past week. On Friday, I felt exhausted and so glad it was the weekend. I woke up late to work, had lunch with some friends, went back to work, came home, took Poppy for a vets appointment and went back home. I was feeling like shit. Shitty, shit, shit. I’ve had a tough week and the temperature changes started getting to me. On Saturday, I woke up feeling weak, tired and roughly energetic – which was a bummer, since I had a charity concert later that day. I cleaned the apartment, worked a bit, went for brunch with a friend and ended the day at...

What About Plastic Surgery. Would You?

plastic surgery

Lately, one of the things that’s been keeping me moving are the infinite podcasts I’ve been listening to. I never felt that compelled to the concept, but then a co-worker and a friend told me about the ones they were listening. And I felt intrigued. Whenever I’m writing something, I have to be in absolute silence to focus. But when I’m researching for content, creating a collage or Photoshopping pictures, I’m all ears – no pun intended. A few days ago, I was at the office listening to Garance Doré’s podcast, Pardon My French. Her conversations feel like you’re sitting with her, having brunch and talking about life’s issues. One...

Electric Blue and a Case of the Leopards

electric blue

I’m not one to do this but, this outfit was only worn for the single purpose of taking these pictures. I intended to wear it for Sunday errands and a movie. But failed to realize how cold it was. After snapping the gorgeous golden hour pictures, I quickly headed home to change into some pants. But the remainder of the outfit endured. I found this electric blue sweater on an Instagram of someone I follow and immediately thought to myself: have to have it. It was love at the first blue. Finding cozy knits for fall can be a challenge. They end up being either too light or too hot....