Black is the New Black

black is the new black

During summer, our Sundays can be pretty standard, we either go to the pool or for brunch in the city. This particular one, we decided to go to the Nassau County Museum of Art, which is very close to where we live. I woke up early morning, did my workout and just wanted to put on the easiest and most comfortable piece in my closet, this black flowy dress (last seen here). It was a scolding hot weekend, when nothing seems to fit right and you just want to be comfortable and able to face the heat. Black is definitely not the color of summer, but it makes a statement and opposes greatly with the background we found here.

black is the new black

black is the new black

black is the new black

black is the new black

black is the new black

Zara Crepe Tunic and Printed Loafers and Gucci Steel Round Frame Sunglasses.

5 Ways to Workout During the Week

5 Ways to Workout During the Week

Trying to find a balance between a job, whether at home or not, a social life, your hobbies and exercising is not easy. We all enjoy leisurely activities that are done for the simple pleasure – doing a yoga class on a Saturday morning, going for a bike ride on a Sunday afternoon. But then come Monday and all our hopes and dreams are thrown out the window. You wake up fairly early, go to work, maybe have a dinner with some friends and, by the time you get home, you have to prepare for the next day. But taking time to exercise, even if it’s just for half an...

Three Way Summer Sandals

three way summer sandals

Now that the first week of summer is officially over, it’s time to focus on our wardrobe and what we’re wearing. I love recycling outfits and wearing them season after season. Adapting pieces and getting them a refreshed look – even if they are two or three years old. Some basics never go out of style as do some trends, but these sandals were one of my best purchases so far. I got them late last summer while shopping with my mother, and never took them off since. They are highly comfortable, can look great for a casual outfit (like shorts and a t-shirt) or worn on a night out...

Get Your Shit Together

get your shit together

My friends are basically the best and keep giving me post ideas. A few weeks ago I was facetiming with a friend and she was telling me about how she listens to podcasts all the time. I’ve heard of it before but never struck any interest. But, as she kept talking about how she did everything while listening to other people’s rambles or conversations, I started getting intrigued. And, like the good researcher and living person that I am, I ventured off and started listening to, the always amazing, Leandra Medine’s Monocycle. For those of you out of the loop, podcasts are digital audio files, normally compiled in series, basically about everything....

Summer Disco Fever

summer disco fever

The season for dresses is, again, upon us and I’m so happy I can wear this one again. While my tan is not up to speed as it was last year, I’m happy I can combine one of my favorite dresses with these Zara boots, giving me a summer disco fever vibe. There’s something quite easy about putting on a dress and only have to worry about the shoes you’re wearing – sandals or sneakers? Boots or heels? It’s quite simple to complete an outfit with just a few accessories or even a different hair-do. This day was particularly hot and uncomfortable and, after taking the pictures, I immediately switched to...

Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

cruelty free beauty brands

A few months ago I was talking to a friend who came to me with a few questions about cruelty free beauty brands. I was totally honest and told her I didn’t know a lot about the subject. Fortunately, minutes later, a simple Google search opened up a whole new world. I started reading blogs, (unfortunately) looking at pictures* and finding out all there is to know about what it means to be a cruelty free beauty brand. What does it mean to be a cruelty free brand? The name pretty much says it all, but it’s important to rectify that most brands we use, test on animals the allergenic effects...

How to Get the Gucci Look for Less

how to get the gucci look for less

Last week, I was browsing through my daily news websites and came across an article that teaches you how to spot trends before anyone else does – which is ironic, because that article is going to be read by thousands if not millions of people. But what was interesting was that, it talked about how a handful of designers are setting the next big trends and what everyone is going to be wearing.  One of them was, or is, Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, who’s been stirring the waters of what the brand represents and making it (dare I say it?) the most coveted of the moment. But given that...

Weekend Highlights


Pool essentials. This past week was very smooth and interesting. My routine has been changing a lot, if you can still call it that, and each day has always something new happening, This means that by the weekend, I just want to relax and barely anything. Saturday was pretty much spent home with M, watching bad TV shows and Sunday we had the opportunity to see Kenny Scharf, a graffiti artist draw on people’s cars, which was amazing. The rest of the afternoon was spent by the pool and barbecuing with some great burgers, avocado salad and a pie. It was the perfect pre-weekend prep. Hope you had a great...

Talking About Insecurities

talking about insecurities

Insecurities are snarky little bitches, excuse the language. I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t insecure about something or someone, and that scares me. Mainly because it doesn’t make me feel good and I’m sure you feel the same. I can’t even say I have confident days, but shreds of fleeting moments, when I feel good about something that rapidly goes away. Sure, we’re the ones controlling our thoughts and actions but, nowadays, it feels like there are so much more ways to feel insecure. Hence, me talking about insecurities. Insecurities are snarky little bitches. Excuse the language, but they are. When I was in the fifth or sixth grade,...

Military Green Shirt and White Skinny Jeans

military green shirt white skinny jeans

I’ve been reading a lot of articles that proclaim skinny jeans are becoming extinct. I refuse to believe that a trend that has lasted 10 or more years is, but you never know with fashion. I paired this military shirt with a pair of white skinny jeans and the most comfortable non-sneaker flats I have. I felt like I wanted the ensemble to blend in with the environment, so me and M went for a quick lunch and a walk in a close by area, ending up in this cute little flower garden. I love a casual look that can easily have a detail or two that make it both work...