Why Having a Local Bucket List Is Your Next Move

bucket list

This has been my second time living abroad. A few years ago, I moved to Dubai and back in 2014, me and my husband came to New York City. I’ve always heard stories, seen movies, TV shows, read books, articles about living in the big apple. I guess you can only really experience a city once you’ve lived in it. 2017 marks our third year here. And while I’m overly excited to be beating the terrible 3’s, I also feel like I could’ve seen/done more. Hence, this year, I decided to do a New York bucket list.

Why have a local bucket list? It’s an amazing way to stay motivated towards the place you’re living. I don’t want to take this experience for granted and I don’t want it to be just another city I live in. You have a list of places/things to do to cross off, while staying motivated to explore. It also helps keep things interesting and gives you something to do on the weekends.

On one hand, it something encouraging you to stop making excuses. And what I mean is, reset your “I’ll do it later” attitude. If you have time, do it now. Even if it’s just taking a walk through Central Park, pictures at Times Square or gaze upon the Freedom Tower. They may all sound like silly things to do when you’re living in New York, but they make up for special moments you might not get another chance to do.

Secondly, it helps you feel grateful. Not only for the opportunity you’re having but the experience you’re gaining. You’re never the same person when you live abroad, so be grateful for being able to get to know the city you’re living. Lastly, it helps you improve your hostess skills. When you’re out there, exploring and finding new hidden gems, you can help your guests and make them a local guide. While I love to see the main attractions in a city, I also love to explore the parts no one normally goes.

Having a local bucket list means you get to know the city you live in. Helps you feel inspired by what you see. Makes you realize how much you still have to explore. Helps you keep things fresh and new in your life. I crossed off another thing on my bucket list last weekend. What about you?

Happy weekend guys! And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

How To Wear Your Party Outfits After the Holidays Are Over

party outfits

This post has been overdue – because the holidays are long gone – but still keeping in tone with the season and theme. One thing I’ve always struggled to find a solution, over the years, is putting to good use fancier clothes. I wrote here that party/fancy outfits are not necessarily my thing. Mainly because of the post-struggle where am I going to wear this to. When I was deciding on my wedding dress, I even tried to make it one I could wear with a denim jacket. Ha! But this year, I decided it was time to figure out how I could wear my party outfits, once the holidays were over.

I don’t want to have pieces in my closet that are only specifically used for one single purpose. We can’t include winter/summer clothes in the equation, let’s blame mother nature for that. And it’s also an opportunity to be creative and figure out different ways to wear different pieces.

The Slip Dress

party outfits

Slip dresses, as mentioned here, are still going to be a huge thing in 2017. While they are totally on my party outfits list – especially with a bell sleeve knit under or a beautiful sparkly cardigan over. They can be tricky to wear after. If you’re trying to run away from the sexiness of the piece, try pairing with sneakers and your most laid back sweater. I style both pieces with a belt to get some shape out of them. Go easy on the make up and hair and voilá!


The Velvet Crossover Dress

party outfits

This Zara dress (similar here), seen here, is a beautiful party outfit. It has all the wins: sparkle, softness, sexiness. It can be too much for a daily look. Think about caving in and adding a pair of your favorite skinny or mom jeans. To go with the shimmer, add a pair of loafers and put on a bright colorful lipstick – if your outfit is too dark. If on the other hand, you’re going for lighter colors, choose a bolder shade.


The Velvet Blazer

party outfits

This option was the easiest for me to pair. The fanciness of this blazer (seen here) is so great, that only a ripped pair of Levi’s could do the trick. While still adding that classy theme, I paired it with a striped t-shirt and the beautiful ‘Hot Tahiti’ red from MAC. While the jeans make it too casually cool of an outfit, the shoes up the stakes. Iauza!

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