We Are Moving!

we are moving

If you follow me on Pinterest you might’ve noticed that my behavior has been close to a mad person. The decor bug hit hard and I’ve been pinning away thousands of new ideas. After two years of living in the same apartment in New York, we are moving! It was a combination of circumstances and the process of renting an apartment in New York is beyond complicated (which I’ll throughly cover soon). Especially if you are foreigner. But after a thorough search, we found a place we love, newly built, closer to the city and with the most amazing view.

You’ll have enough time to get sick of it!

With that, also come other amazing and so, so exciting news. For now, I still have to keep a secret but really, really want to share the news with you (and no, I’m not pregnant). I’m so looking forward to this new chapter in our New York adventure and how it’s going to play out. My husband has been extremely patient as I constantly freak out and get anxious about everything. I don’t know how to wait for something to happen. If it’s not now I’ll think it’s never going to be. But he knows how to keep his cool and, somehow, call me down.

We are moving at the end of August and by then, I’m hoping to have all my ideas sorted out for the new apartment. Unfortunately it’s slightly smaller than our current one. But I love a challenge! We’re going to have to figure out so much and I’m so excited to show you the before and after results and a tour of our cute new home.

Meanwhile, I’m headed back to Portugal for a few weeks.

I need to unwind and relax, while still working for New York. It’s an unexpected but well deserved trip that’s going to help me focus on my priorities – which have been all over the place. I’m having a hard time focusing on things and getting work done, and that scares me. I’m almost certain it has to do with the anxiety of the past few months and not knowing what’s going to happen. But I figured, that’s the beauty of it and I have to go with it.

Hope you’ll join me on this next chapter of our lives and keep reading on that side. See you in Portugal, and back here, on Monday. Meanwhile follow me on Snapchat (@daduxa) and Instagram (@eduardamsl) for more updates.

Have a great weekend!

Summertime Romance

summertime romance

There are countless disparities between New York and my hometown. New York is a business city, where casual comes on the weekend and what you wear matters. Back home, in Lagos, there’s none of that. Especially in the summer. Everyone sports a casual summery vibe and even going out at night means a simple dress and some sandals. Anything that reminds me just a bit of back home is more than welcome. Lately I’ve been all about the comfy dresses and casual skirts. The heat wave that stroke Manhattan has me wishing of loose fabrics. And this dress is the perfect example. It’s feminine without being provocative, it’s cute without being...

Talking Shit Behind Your Back

Talking Shit Behind Your Back

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend on what’s app. I was being told that some people were talking shit behind my back. Which is not the greatest feeling in the world but nothing I can do about it. Everyone does it! The subject of scrutiny was regarding job situations and professions. Something in the realms of how is it possible that she still doesn’t have a job. It’s sort of a sensitive subject that I’ve covered a few times before, and yet, here I am doing it again. I’ve always been a great advocate of working freelance and, basically, for myself. It’s not the easiest path,...

Skirt That Tells a Story

Skirt That Tells a Story

I love when my clothes have some kind of sentimental value behind. It doesn’t end up being very often but it happens. And this is a skirt that tells a story! After my husband and I got married, and before we came to New York, we took a trip through Europe. We went to Paris, Stockholm, Lund and Copenhagen. It was a 10 day trip with a lot of stops. While in Stockholm, we went to H&M and I came across this beautiful skirt. Immediately fell in love with its whimsical feel and wanted to take it. M said that I should if it didn’t exist back in Portugal – which it didn’t....

Weekend Highlights

weekend highlights

Sunday’s essentials. Last week was very busy and I had to slay every single day. I went to my first New York event, worked like crazy and prepared posts for the upcoming weeks. This weekend was a major opportunity to work a bit more but still get some leisure time. M didn’t work as much as he normally does so we had some time together mainly at home. How did you like my one day in New York City vlog? I got a lot of positive feedback from friends and family but would love to hear from you too. It’s so much fun putting it all together and even worrying about...

One Day in New York City

one day in new york city

Remember this post? I always felt a little off after doing it. Mainly because it lacked dynamic and life. I decided it was time to make another, this time, in video format. Hence one day in New York. This was filmed earlier this week to show you a typical day in my life – plus a special guest at our home and a surprise somewhere in the middle. One of my favorite things about New York is the movement. It was quite challenging filming throughout the day. And if I’m being very honest, I forgot a few times. And there were a few ones I wasn’t able to use. But in...

Three Way Zara Sparkly Dress

three way zara sparkly dress

If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen this dress and know I love a good sparkle. Especially when it’s as versatile as this dress and can be paired so many different ways. I just had to get creative! There was a research done for this post, especially on Pinterest, and eventually, these three pairings were the winners. Here’s a three way Zara sparkly dress. This 90’s trend is back for sure, case in point, but I was never a great advocate. While researching ways to wear it, I decided to try the trend on a whim. And I can’t seem to let it go now. I just love it! The combination gives you a...

5 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Beauty

5 ways exercise boosts your beauty

Feeling and looking beautiful is a combination of factors. We simply cannot invest in very expensive face creams and hope for the best. I continuously preach that being healthy is a lifestyle and we need to live it. It’s not about becoming obsessed, but rather incorporate a series of daily habits that will help you become a healthier, ergo more beautiful and confident, person. Working out is definitely one of those factors and here are 5 ways exercise boosts your beauty. Reduces stress levels. A good 30 to 60 minutes of exercise help us release endorphins, which are a group of hormones that regulate a number of physiological functions. Especially the nervous system,...

Beauty Dupes

beauty dupes

I feel like I’ve covered this topic every now and then. But now that I’m getting more and more into beauty products and their importance, I feel like it’s imperative to talk about dupes. Beauty dupes are cheaper products that are equivalent to more expensive ones. I, for once, rather try both options – more and less expensive – to get a feel of which product best suits me. Beauty vloggers do posts like this a lot. I always watch the videos thoroughly to make sure I’m making the right choice. It’s important to keep in touch with your options so you don’t end up spending more money than you have to. Especially on...

Weekend Highlights

weekend highlights

SoHo on Saturday. Some weekends have an endless feeling, and this was one of those (catch a glimpse on my Snapchat: daduxa). I had time to do everything I wanted and some more. Friday was basically a work day at home. Saturday I started watching Casey’s vlogs at our friends advice. He’s staying with us and was always ranting about it. I binge watched for about three hours with him and fell in love. He’s a vlogger, living in New York City. It’s amazing to see him go to places I’ve been or want to go and hear about his life’s story. Later that day we had a great dinner with...