Got That Sunshine In My Yellow Dress

yellow dress

Whenever the weather starts to get better, I feel like the ultimate cliché. I start to wear bright and bold colors, pastels and white/cream. It’s the best way to acknowledge that spring is here and the cold, harsh days are behind. After experimenting with this trend here, I immediately became a fan. It’s such a great way to transition dresses into spring. Especially when you feel like you resemble a...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Wearing Heels For Tea and a Chocolate Croissant

Wearing Heels

A few weeks back, my husband woke up and said he wanted to treat me to breakfast. It was early in the morning, we both got dressed quickly (I wore this outfit the previous day) and off we went. I normally stick to granola and yogurt, oatmeal or some toasted bread, but we were in a mood for chocolate croissant. A danger early in the day but hey, I haven’t...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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The Empties – Or What Beauty Products I’ve Been Using Non-Stop #2


A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about beauty empties. Or what beauty products I’ve been using non-stop. I’m thinking about turning it into a series. I love to let you guys know about things I’ve been using, re-purchasing, or not. It’s something I look for in other blogs – and Eva Chen sometimes does a great empties roundup. Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d...

All Black and a Vintage Looking Coat

167 all black and vintage coat-01

This was the first outing of this vintage looking coat. You might’ve already seen it here, here and here. It’s been on rotation lately and not for it’s warm qualities but because it’s such a great looking piece. The structure of the coat is amazing as is the pattern and color combination. These were taken on a very sunny day in SoHo. Me and M went out for lunch and...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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21 Things People Never Tell You

21 things people never tell you

I’ve been sitting on this post for a very long time. Mainly because I wanted to figure out exactly what to write out of my experience. And thought it would be a great self-realization exercise. Life can be so random, and there is so much people don’t tell you. Supposedly the beauty lies in figuring all out as we go. But aren’t you tired of just hearing over and over that time goes...

Blogging Week: How Blogging Has Changed My Life

how blogging has changed my life

Today’s video talks a little bit about how blogging has changed my life. I’ve been doing it for the past 3 years. So it makes total sense that, in some way, it’s brought me to many different places. I have a deep love and passion for this space and could not be happier to have started in May 2014. It was sort of an expression of what I’ve been seeing...

Blogging Week: The One Thing Bloggers Need To Be Doing

one thing bloggers need to be doing

If you’ve been blogging for a while now you know how much hard work it is. Whether you do it full-time or just blog every now and then, there are no easy fixes for this job. But if I can nail down one thing bloggers need to be doing, I would say storytell. The majority of my blog posts are focused on lifestyle. But every now and then, I get...

Blogging Week: How Your Blog Should Become Your Brand

how your blog should become your brand

Continuing on the blogging week, today we’re focusing on how your blog should become your brand. In this 5 minute video, I talk about a few things you can do to make your blog, and your social media handles, represent the brand that is you. Nowadays, we all show ourselves as our own brand. And, especially when you have a blog, it’s important to convey it as cohesively as possible. There...

Blogging Week: Most Important Things To Know When You Have a Blog

most important things to know when you have a blog

Happy Monday everyone! This week, I decided to focus only on blogging content. I get asked questions all the time about having a blog. So I figured it would be easier to have a few blog posts focusing on content creation and what it’s like to manage a blog. Let’s start with the most important things to know when you have a blog. When I first started my blog, I...

Documentaries Worth the Hype on Netflix #3

documentaries on netflix

It’s been a while since I’ve posted what I’ve been watching on ze television. Especially on Netflix. I stopped for a bit, because things were getting way too real. I’m like a child and need to watch lollipops and rainbows every now and then. Documentaries take the shit out of you because they’re so real. Not all of them are strong and mind shaking, but I have been seeing a...