A Portuguese Brand That’s Proud To Be a Woman

Portuguese brand

A few weeks ago, I was invited to go to this beautiful store on Elizabeth Street. It was a (very) warm summer day, and me, M and a friend ventured downtown for a drop by. I’ve been invited to a few of their events before but, unfortunately, was never able to attend. This Portuguese brand, is called Josefinas and they sell pretty shoes. In the beginning, it was strictly ballerinas but...

Episode 13: We Saw Alligators and Drove Down to Savannah


You’re probably sick and tired of all the Charleston spam. It’s a sort of #sorrynotsorry moment because I’m still very much holding on to those 4 beautiful days. On the second day of exploring Charleston, we had breakfast at the Butcher and Bee, and headed to the Magnolia Plantation. Charleston is famous for having a few plantations in its surroundings and we chose the Magnolia because of their famous gardens. It...

Episode 12: Roadtrip to Charleston


I finally got around to organizing the footage we did in Charleston. I’m already nostalgic and have only been back in New York for two days. Because it might get a bit tricky to condense 4 days into a 6 minute video, I decided to spread it out through two videos. Today I’m sharing the first half of our trip to Charleston. It started bright and early last Thursday. We left New...

Charleston, South Carolina


Happy, happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend – I surely have. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know where me and my husband travelled to. If not, you should definitely follow and we came all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. With the growing anxiety, stress and tiredness of the past few months, we were in need of a quick escape. Montauk and biking through...

How to Stay Positive When All Seems to Go Wrong

stay positive

We’ve all had those moments when we feel powerless against the universe’s dark sense of humor. When you see life happening for everyone except you, it can be hard to stay positive and see what good is out there. Because there is good in each moment, and you have to be the one finding it. These sorts of moments bring me clarity and a sense of enlightenment. While finding joy in...

Getting Ahead of the Fashion Game With These Tips

getting ahead of the fashion game

As the fashion wheels keep turning, every newsletter I’ve been receiving is looking a couple months ahead. It’s impossible to browse through my favorite fast fashion websites without feeling a hint of excitement. Fall is definitely a favorite season and I don’t even pretend to hide it. While summer is unbearable in New York, fall is the most enchanting season to witness in the big apple. It’s not easy to spot...

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20 Summer Finds

summer finds

Even though most people around the web are already contemplating the end of summer, mine hasn’t even started. I wrote here that I only really feel the summer when I’m back home. Which makes it all the more harder to endure these months in New York. But, with positive vibes in mind, I made a list of the 20 summer finds. Whether I’m talking about fashion, places or anything that falls...

Episode 11: Broken Laptop Screen and a 60 Second Fashion Show

fashion show

Well, Wednesday started off a bit more down than usual. I felt like I needed to recover from Tuesday. Which was going to be the day I had my first facial, but turned into the day my laptop screen broke. I fucking hate unpredictable situations and this one made me tear up. As we sat at the Apple store on 5th, I just wanted to pull my hair out. We got...

My Favorite Summer Accessory + Shopping Guide

favorite summer accessory

I was 8, my parents, brother and I, were traveling through Europe. Halfway to Sweden, we stopped in Amsterdam. All I remember was the bikes, the canals and my first pair of sunglasses. They were these orange, acrylic, cat-eyed sunglasses. I still have them back home. All my summer pictures, I was wearing them and the infatuation went on. Until a few years later, I got another pair during summer. It...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 10: Riding a Bike Through New York City

bike through New York City

I’m so happy to be writing this post. We’ve been planing for a few weeks now to bike through New York City. But we either decided to go to Montauk, it rained or was too hot. Yesterday was the day! It wasn’t too hot, nor cold, nor windy, nor impossible. We ate a strengthened breakfast, walked the dog and rented two Citi Bikes (this is not sponsored). Right in front of...