Our Experience On Getting a Puppy

our experience on getting a puppy

Ever since I got Poppy, I was asked a lot of questions about how we got him and how the process went. Thanks you guys! It feels amazing to know you’re on that side reading and giving me feedback. So, I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. Not that it was a hard process but just to tell you our experience on getting a puppy.

Ever since we decided to move out, we started pursuing and settling with the idea that we wanted to get a dog. Luckily, it was a mutual decision and the right next step to take. We started talking about breeds, names, scenarios and everything, eventually, came together. Unfortunately, in New York, it’s not that easy to get/have a dog. The apartment we are moving out of, for example, doesn’t allow. So it felt natural that our next one would. I’ve dealt with Dachshunds for the past 6 years and, for me, the choice was quite obvious. I already knew how they learn, what techniques they respond to, how they behave, and so on. Buildings that do allow dogs in New York, also set up strict policies. Regarding weight, size, breed and how many pets you’re allowed.

Getting a pet in New York can be very complicated.

Dachshunds are one of the smartest breeds out there, and also highly portable. Ever since I got to New York, he’s been going with me everywhere – except dinner. But you can easily squeeze them anywhere. I also know that he won’t weight anymore than 15/16 pounds (which is between 6 and 8 kilos). And this allows him to always travel with us on the plane. Which is a relieve that he won’t have to suffer down there.

We started looking for puppies here in the New York area, but most of them were mixed breeds and very unpredictable when it came to size and weight. And the Dachshund breed was very, very, very expensive. People are selling them for $2500. We didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a puppy – especially with the moving and all. So, my husband started looking online in Portugal. Since we found out I was going, it felt natural to get one there and bring him back with me. Automatically he found a breeder in a town very close to home. We asked my parents to go there and just have a look.

It was love at first sight!

He was this cute little, tiny, petit puppy, still with his eyes closed. And we both said we wanted to keep him and gave the breeder a small deposit. My mother was a bit upset. She’d be volunteering at the local pound and said we should adopt. Which ultimately, would be the wisest and smartest decision. But our problem was the unpredictability of the breed and how it would turn out. I love nothing more than to rescue a dog – and in fact did several years ago, but my parents did not let me keep it – but, at this point, this was our decision.

The process then began. I started getting informed about what would it take to bring a dog into the United States. There were so many helpful websites that said everything we needed to know. But I was still scared. The puppy wouldn’t be three months old by the time I would come back. And most websites say they cannot get in the country without the rabies vaccine. I started asking vets, government officials, sending out e-mails. And by the time I got to Portugal, I just needed to print out some papers and, the rest, was up to the veterinarian.  I read everything that was to read, highlighted all the important information and asked for all the papers and more. Just to be prepared.

our experience on getting a puppy

The day of the flight came and I was petrified. Asking myself questions like is this right, is the puppy going to stay in quarantine, is this a good idea. Adding on to my flying anxiety, I was a reck. I’ve never travelled with a dog, so I had no idea what was going to happen. I was utterly prepared with everything – papers, passport, vaccine chart, pee pads, food, toys, a blanket. But turns out, he was amazing. Poppy didn’t even complained. He slept through most of the flight, peed and ate once, and was an amazing sport. Even going through customs and passport control was a breeze.

All my insecurities immediately faded and I realized that, finally, we started our little family.

The advice I can give, is to, no matter what, be prepared and think about every possible scenario. It’s not easy, especially if your prone to anxiety, but it’s worth it. We couldn’t be happier and M’s reaction to his arrival was priceless and beautiful. All my insecurities immediately faded and I realized that, finally, we started our little family.

Disclosure: if you’re thinking about bringing your pet to the United States go to the following websites; CDC, Licensing Required, Pet Relocation and How To Bring a Dog Into the US. And talk to your local vet. Ask for all the information you might need and do not refrain from asking questions. I was a pain in the ass but it paid off. Also, this is not an ad of any sort, I’m just reporting my own personal experience.

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