Back in New York and What’s Been Going On

back in new york and what's been going on

I’ve been missing the crap out of this place over here, even thought I’ve tried to keep it updated (especially this one). After what it felt like forever, I’m back in New York City ready for September. Or at least getting in the right mind frame for it. The last few days have been somewhat tiring, with very few hours of sleep and too much going on. I did the tourist thing in Lisbon, went out to dinner with friends, met a long time girl-crush-blogger (and I’m still in awe about it all), spent time with my family and did a little shopping. Oh! And of course, cut my hair.

The weeks went by fairly fast since I arrived, and I’m already back in the jungle. We finally grew our little family and M is so excited about it. He’d been following through snaps I would send or FaceTime, but meeting Poppy in person was incredible. Work has been quieter than usual, but will definitely get hectic in a few days time. And, of course, our move is rapidly approaching.

So many changes, so little time.

Going home is always an amazing experience, and I felt like it helped me put everything back together. I had some time alone, to think, write and gaze upon everything we are going to be doing. My agenda is full of notes and to-do lists, which helps me keep organized and sane. While never forgetting everything I have/want to do.

My mind is already in full September mode, and I feel like the weather is mistakenly hot and brazing. Can’t wait for a few cooler and shorter days in our new apartment, starring at the Manhattan’s beautiful skyline. I hope you’re having a great week and powering through that hump day! Hello New York!

Beach Babe

beach babe

Given that summer is all about the beach around here, there’s no way I’m going to pass the opportunity to get beach-y. I normally go to every single day, even if just for a bit. And on this particular day, I went in the morning. So naturally, my hair was wavy and my skin was salty – my favorite kind. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures and capture the essence of the true beach babe. I love a good pair of high waisted shorts and a crochet top. How amazingly do both these pieces look together? Being a surfer girl is one of my dreams...

Weekend Highlights – Lisbon Edition

weekend highlights lisbon edition

Doors of Alfama, Lisbon. If you always want to get a first look at whatever the heck I’m doing, make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@eduardamsl) and Snapchat (@daduxa). The first scoop is always in one of these amazing platforms. And while at it, this weekend was a pretty tough/amazing one. On Friday, me and my parents left my hometown and drove to Lisbon to spend the last few days of my trip. I’m about to leave for New York but I never do without coming to the capital of my dreams. Safe to say I’ve been enjoying the city like a true tourist, and taking loads of pictures...

Meet Our Newest Family Member

meet our newest family member

Happy Friday guys! Can’t believe August is almost through. If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Snapchat (daduxa), you probably saw snaps and bits of our newest family member. Me and my husband have been talking about getting a dog for quite some time now, but the conditions weren’t ideal. Especially because the building we are currently living in, didn’t allow. When we started searching for a new apartment, being able to have a dog was a ruling factor. Meet the newest member of our little family. Meet our newest family member: Poppy! Poppy is a brown dachshund, 7 weeks old, with the most energy I’ve ever seen. Is super smart, transitioned...

Dress Around Town

dress around town

Lagos, my hometown, is a pretty special place. I’ve never been so aware of where I come from and, this time around, I took some time to wonder the beautiful streets. It’s true what they say, you only appreciate things when you don’t have them. And lately, I’ve been seeing so much of my city in other people’s Instagram feeds – and not necessarily from here. So I took my camera, my brother and sister-in-law, and we ventured out to explore. Not only that, I feel like we really saw the city. While we’re at it, why not take a few snaps of my own. For the occasion, I wore...

How to Make Your Mornings More Productive

how to make your mornings more productive

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much of a morning person I am. I love doing things bright and early – all though it can be a pain sometimes. It’s also when I’m most productive all throughout the day. Anytime I can do something in the morning I’d rather. But not everyone has the same feel and I know there are a few ways that can definitely help make your mornings more productive. Envision What You Have To Do In The Morning While I’m trying to fall asleep the previous night, I always think about everything I want to get done in the morning. Schedule or write...

Ripped Skirt, Striped Tee and Platform Sandals

ripped skirt striped tee and platform sandals

My hometown is such a casual place, and every time I come here, it’s hard not to get in the mood. There’s no way I’m putting on heels or tight dresses! This has been my summer uniform lately and you might’ve already seen it here. It’s so easy to pair a ripped skirt, striped tee and platform sandals. Pull & Bear is one of my all time favorite stores to buy clothes from. Some might already be too young, but their denim pieces and basics are always the shiz. Every time I’m in Portugal, it’s a mandatory pit stop before I go back to New York. They have this way about their...

Thoughts on Feeling Burnt Out – And How I’m Handling It

thoughts on feeling burnt out - and how I'm handling it

Early last week I mentally crashed. It had been a week since coming back home, I was trying to manage jet lag, work and too many social events. It’s hard to come back and not do summer. And while I can really appreciate the fact that I have a job to worry about now, I also felt like I needed to rest. Unfortunately I’m only one, and something had to take a hit. The blog and social media were the first ones. I hate feeling so impotent towards this space – which I’ve come to love – but I wasn’t feeling inspired. I don’t just want to throw content at...

Weekend Highlights (Vacay Edition Plus a Celebration)

weekend highlights (vacay edition plus a celebration)

Bougainvilleas on my parent’s garden. The first week back home is officially over. And I’m still getting used to the schedules. Been going to bed at 3, 4 in the morning, waking up at 11, 12. Jet lag hits me really hard every time. Besides missing M like crazy, it’s always amazing to be back home. It all falls into place and I always get the feeling that I never left. The return is always filled with delicious food, hangs with my parents and getting to see everyone. Now I can feel like relaxing a bit more and start to actually enjoy the two weeks I have left. Yesterday, me and...

Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

things you should tell yourself everyday

In our 20’s, everything seems very urgent, serious, the best and worst of times. We are growing up to become the adults we always hoped to be, but the story becomes very different. It’s great to look back and think about how we’ve come to be. And important to realize what’s actually happening. Seldom, we are too hard on ourselves and constantly self-punish for not keeping up with expectations. Not only ours, but everyone else’s. There are a few key things you should tell yourself everyday to find happiness, well-being and understanding. It’s okay not to be okay. This is probably the hardest. Especially for me. I always expect so much...