I Life You 2.0


It’s hard to find a voice in the endless sea that is the internet and, even though I’ve been doing this for the past two years, I’m still on the beta phase. You will never feel like you are accomplishing all you want and there’s a lot of experimenting to do because, let’s face it, the internet is an experiment in itself. I don’t consider myself a blogger but maybe I am one, in the broader sense. I don’t feel like I’ve found my voice, and can tell a few of friends think the same, but it’s great to just put yourself out there, work hard as fuck (I said a bad word) and try to do something with your life.

I’ve been investing a lot of work into creating a better, more improved and user friendly space that, hopefully, will invite more people in and appeal to the ones that already joined the party. I’m in love with the new design and I’m still working on a full-body-strategy to get this bad boy on the road (bare with me while I do it). I feel like the blog is entering a new phase and so am I. Two years is already a walking and talking baby so today, I’ll be celebrating with a glass of wine, gazing upon what’s to come.

I hope you like the new look, let me know in the comment section whether you hate it or love it, what would you change about it and if there’s any more content you would like to see talked about. This is from me, to you, my life to yours, in hopes that we can establish an out-of-this-world connection to the things that matter most and the small details that compose an everyday life.



Creating the Perfect Instagram Feed

creating-the-perfect-instagram-feed, how-to-edit-your-instagram, how-to-get-the-perfect-instagram-feed

I’m not even close to having the perfect Instagram feed, but I do consider myself an expert on the subject. I’ve researched so much and it has become almost like a third job to keep up with trends, what to post and creating content just for it. I love browsing through Instagram to check out what people are up to, other bloggers and even their pictures and captions – which is what the app is all about. But lately, I’ve been reading up more and more on the subject and, it turns out, there’s quite of a science about it, which is interesting to know. People aren’t just snapping pictures...

From the Office to Happy Hour


Nowadays it’s easier to pick clothes that are both work and happy hour appropriate – meaning, your blazer can look cool with a mojito. I came up with the idea for this post a few weeks back when I was working at the office the whole day (more on that later) and then a friend asked if I wanted to get a drink after. I immediately said yes, because I needed to unwind, but felt very unhappy hour appropriate. I came up with a few options to be ready for both meetings and a cocktail with some small and simple tricks. While I understand that not all work environments allow...

Weekend Highlights


This weekend was pretty much the sum of the week. M caught a mild cold at work and gave it to me, so I took it easy and worked from home every day, weekend included. I started a new wave on Snapchat where I do small daily tutorials of my routines, recipes or anything I can show you (follow me @daduxa) and that has been giving me a new found respect for the app. Hope you had a great weekend and let’s do this Monday. Follow me on Instagram: @eduardamsl and Snapchat: @daduxa for more updates....

Pumpkin Noodles


I love freestyling in the kitchen and getting creative with ingredients. Earlier this week, I paid a trip to WholeFoods and got us an enormous amount of fresh vegetables. I was feeling a little bit sick and down, so I guessed it was better to stay home and try to feel better. I found these amazing pumpkin noodles, a variation of the famous zoodlesย I’m seeing everywhere, and decided to give it a shot and try a recipe with them. Ingredients: Pumpkin noodles, or any other variety of noodles; Fresh baby spinach; Baby corn; Cherry tomatoes; Coconut oil; Salt. Recipe: Put the washed cherry tomatoes into a pan with two spoons...

Evening Glow


I love the crisp light of early evening in spring/summer that gives pictures a warm and one of my favorite feelings. I love to look at beach and even outfit pictures of other people and get a zany vibe. These were taken before we went to dinner in San Francisco on a windy night but the location was perfect and I knew as soon as we passed by. This dress was probably the most worn piece of our trip (seen here on my Instagram) and I’m so glad I got it before we went. Zara Suede Effect Jacketย and Floral Print Dress, Chanel Espadrilles and MAC ‘Please Me’ Lipstick...

Pacific Coast Vlog

pacific-coast-vlog, big-sur-road-trip, west-coast-road-trip

Turns out this second video was harder to make than the San Francisco one, with so many great footage of the amazing and breathtaking Big Sur. Halfway through our vacation, me and M rented a car and ventured to Los Angeles, but not without stopping for a night to enjoy the wonders of the West Coast. We stopped in Monterey, had dinner at the Post Ranch Inn and walked near the edge to savor the Big Sur energy. All captured to show you, part of our adventure. I hope you enjoy it!...

Navy Stripes

sausalito-outfit-of-the-day, what-to-wear-in-sausalito, outfit-of-the-day

Yet another outfit from San Francisco and this was my favorite day of all. Early in the morning we rented two bikes to cross the Golden State Bridge all the way to Sausalito (which you can see a glimpse here). It was actually a coincidence that I look so boat-y but felt like the ensemble blended in pretty well with the environment while keeping comfortable and in key with my personal style. Zara Suede Effect Jacket, Massimo Dutti Striped Camisole, Pull&Bear Mom Jeans, KEDS Champion Original Leather and Bimba y Lola Cinema Print Scarf....

Weekend Highlights


Unlike the last four weekends, this one was luckily pretty uneventful, and I tried to make it so. I was feeling pretty ruffed up and felt like I needed to do the bare minimum – even though yesterday I ironed, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen. On Saturday we had a quiet dinner with friends, at a place we’ve never been before in Brooklyn, called Fette Sau. It’s an amazing BBQ joint with a big line, no reservations accepted and the greatest ribs ever. Hope you had a great weekend and feel ready to kick Monday’s ass. Follow me on Instagram: @eduardamsl and Snapchat: @daduxa for more updates....

Overwhelmed but Happy


It’s safe to say that the last three weeks have been highly different, exciting, tiring, emotional and life changing. I feel like something is shifting and I can’t quite grasp it or know what’s going to happen – even though you never know. I felt disconnected to the way I was doing things and perceiving them around here, lost in the realms of social media, posting very mechanically and feeling like my content wasn’t inspiring – and you might’ve noticed. It’s hard to focus on several different things at once and not have a plan about what you’re doing next and, while I can be quite organized and schedule things...