21 Things People Never Tell You

I’ve been sitting on this post for a very long time. Mainly because I wanted to figure out exactly what to write out of my experience. And thought it would be a great self-realization exercise. Life can be so random, and there is so much people don’t tell you. Supposedly the beauty lies in figuring all out as we go. But aren’t you tired of just hearing over and over that time goes by really fast? Because that seems to be the only thing people tell me. I wish I’d known more. Just to be better prepared. So which ever age you are, here are 21 things people never tell you growing up:

  1. Acne is not confined to your teenage years. In fact, I’ve never had it until I turned 21. 

  2. You’re still not going to know what you want out of life.

  3. When your friends start having kids, you’ll wonder how that girl who danced on tables and hooked up with a lot of guys is now a mom.

  4. Fights with girlfriends are going to make you feel just like you did in middle and high school. Fucking insecure and wondering why you’re friends in the first place.

  5. You’ll still want to have summers like you did back then. Getting drunk at night and going to the beach during the day.

  6. Time really does go by as fast as fuck and then you realize it’s already 2017.

  7. You’ll still dream about your exes every now and then.

  8. You’ll wonder about many what if’s.

  9. Your parents are still going to be the first thing that pops into your head when you need something/are scared/feel like crap. At least with me.

  10. Your mother’s cooking will still be the best food you’ll have.

  11. Some friends you thought were going to be for life, won’t be. And some you didn’t think, become.

  12. You finally realize why adults are so sarcastic and cynical. They’ve seen shit happen.

  13. Even though hangovers get worse, you’ll still want that losing-all-control-feeling you get after a few drinks.

  14. If you’re with someone, you’ll still want the attention of others. If you’re single, you think you’ll never find anyone.

  15. Fucking envy will eat you up.

  16. You’ll still regret that outfit you wore back in college.

  17. You’ll cringe at the thought of your most embarrassing moments.

  18. Your priorities, values, thoughts and personality are not the same they were a few years ago. And they will change again.

  19. Life will always be like it was in high school. We’re still all looking to be the best looking, most popular and liked person. Hello Instagram!

  20. You’ll start to notice a lot of details you wouldn’t even take an extra second looking at.

  21. Life is still pretty amazing after you scrape all the shittiness, fucked up people, mean ass attitudes and shadiness.