Best Beauty Masks For Any Skin Problem

A few months ago, I tried this face mask for the first time. It wasn’t a thing back then, and there weren’t a thousand different options. It wasn’t only the first time I tried this brand’s mask but any mask. I’ve heard a little bit about them, the effects, the purposes, the results. Beauty vloggers were gushing over and so was every other newsletter I received in my inbox. Curiosity took over and I decided to try. There’s only one reason that justifies the fact that I went for Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence Infusion Mask, brand familiarity. I’ve used their products for a long time and I’m comfortable enough to trust them.

I was astonished by the results of the mask and immediately started to apply them once every week.

They advise 2 per week, but I thought the package was too expensive to do it. My skin was glowing, felt smoother, softer and shinier. My husband said he could almost see his reflection and it honestly looked healthy overall. But then, I stopped. Summer came, I went to Portugal for some much needed vacation, I took what was left of the package with me and bam. No more.

The other day I took an unexpected trip to Sephora – and when I say unexpected it’s because I’ve been avoiding. And me and a friend were browsing through. I picked up my amazing Nars concealer and, while waiting for her, started looking at the mask section. My friend told me she’d tried out the Sephora masks and loved them. I started reading the ingredients, thinking about trying out and came home with the 3 pictured above.

beauty masks

The first one I tried was the pomegranate and instantly loved it. And the beauty of it is that, they have several different ones for different purposes. Whether you want to nourish and repair, detox and purify, there’s one for every need. Which is amazing, considering our skin might have different needs at different times. Also adding that they are way cheaper. I really want to try the whole collection and see what it does to my skin – and tell you more about it in another post.

beauty masks

I would love to know your experience with the masks as I feel like I’m in the trial and research phase.