5 Things to Give Up For Better and Healthier Skin

One of my ultimate topics around here is skin care. Since I’ve struggled with so many different problems over the past few years, it seemed like a natural fit. Ever since I started to take extra time and really invest in my beauty regime, things have improved a lot. I started paying more attention to the ingredients in the products I was using, the food I was eating, water intake and, most importantly, applying and removing makeup. Healthier skin is not rocket science, but simply getting to know your own body and what works.

There’s a lot of trial and error, and you have to be able to understand what are the best components for you. Whether you choose to go to a dermatologist – which I highly recommend – or give it a try at home. It’s your choice and decision to get to the bottom of what works best. Today, we’re focusing on the error part of the deal and can actually be keeping you from having healthier skin. I figured I hit these mistakes and maybe so are you.

healthier skin

#1 Not using appropriate makeup removers

Make up removers are around since ever. When I was like 10, my mother was already using makeup removers from Shiseido. Because of her, setting the example, I started cleaning my face at 15. Which coincided with me starting to apply makeup, going out at night. I was using this one and pretty much the whole skin care line from Nivea. Up until I was 20, it worked perfectly. When I went to college, I started using face wipes. Which are not ideal for healthier skin. Nowadays, after trying so many different ones, I’m stuck with the Glossier Milky Cleanser, La Roche Posay Toner and Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water. Stick to micellar waters, if you can, and stir clear of harsh chemicals.

#2 Not removing your makeup

Since we’re talking about makeup removers, let’s talk about removing makeup (pun intended). I’ve read and heard countless times that not removing your makeup causes early aging. Your skin doesn’t breathe, regenerate or heals. Never skip removing your makeup at night. One tip I can give you is to remove it as soon as you get home. I always stick to the aforementioned toner and micellar water and leave the milky cleanser for before going to bed. Just to make sure I have a fresh and cleaned canvas to apply my night creams.

healthier skin

#3 Not using SPF

I keep on repeating myself. But SPF is so important. I’m already regretting not applying it more and haven’t reached my 30’s. Also something my mother always taught me – but I was too cool to listen. Applying SPF is one of the single most important things you can do for your skin.

#4 Picking Your Face

Guilty, guilty, guilty. I’m so guilty of doing this. But halfway through healthier skin, I stopped doing it. When my chin was bursting with pimples, I would pick on every single one of them. Causing extra irritation on an already irritated spot. Now, I have a lot of small scars from it. They aren’t highly visible but they’re there. My personal tip for this? Tree oil. It stinks but immediately dries your zit or spot. I always apply before going to bed.

healthier skin

#5 Not washing your pillowcases frequently

Like I said before, at night is when your skin regenerates and leaves all the dead cells behind. If you tend to stick to the same pillowcase for more than a few days, you’re bound to pick up on all you’re leaving. Ultimately causing skin infections or more regular breakouts. I’ve made it a habit to change our pillowcases every 5 days. Even if I don’t change the sheets. Tip: have more pillowcases at hand so you can frequently change them.

Any other mistakes you might be making that I should know? Let me know in the comments and shop some of my favorite products below: