Tips for cleansing your skin

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First and foremost, always wash your hands. I’m constantly washing mine because I feel the need to. Our hands are an accumulation of bacteria and germs, so make sure you wash them thoroughly. Secondly, remove your makeup. I normally wash my face with lukewarm water and soap or clean it with rose water. Both ways are not aggressive and work for all skin types. Thirdly, make sure you are using the right cleanser. There are a lot of offers in the market, read the labels, ask for samples and try them out. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Make sure you give it at least a couple of weeks into the try. Fourthly, do not over exfoliate. Depending on your type of skin, do it once or twice a week, never more than that. Exfoliators can harm your skin because they are rough, I tend to do it once a week just to peel off any residual dead skin cells. The fifth one has been something I haven’t done for long but figured it works, pat your skin with the towel, never rub it. Rub can cause irritation, redness, wrinkles. Patting your skin gently doesn’t and it leaves it prepared for the sixth step, moisturizing. I can never stress enough about this (here, here and here), moisturize each and every single day of the week to make sure your skin sucks in all those good ingredients.