Episode 21: What’s Wrong With Me?


Another vlog, another day in paradise. Today’s vlog is a lot of me, me, me, but being without my significant other makes me turn into a boring lady. Talking to herself on the camera. It’s not as fun. On the plus, side, I babble a lot and make some fun mistakes. A lot of people ask me why I normally speak english in my vlogs. Sometimes some Portuguese sneaks in. But...

3 Fall Essentials in 2017

fall essentials

As much as I want to hold on to summer, fall is all around – almost like Christmas. I’m begging the sun gods to hold on a little longer so I can enjoy smooth days at the beach until October. But it’s been pretty chilly the past few days. Which has made my closet choices a bit more fall-y. The two trips I took to Lisbon (seen here and here), were...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 20: a Typical Summer Day in Lagos, Portugal

typical summer day

I’ve been MIA, yet again. To be honest, I wanted to enjoy last week with my husband – who left for New York yesterday. I still posted on Monday and Tuesday but felt like I wanted to switch off. And that’s exactly what I did. That’s why yesterday I spent 4 hours going through hundreds of emails. I kid you not. But, meanwhile, we recorded a very typical summer day in...

What I Would Wear to Fashion Week

fashion week

I know what you must be thinking. She’s never been. Maybe she never will be. But she can dream. My husband has a saying that goes like this: you might not touch the moon, but at least your feet rose from the ground. Ever since I moved to New York (3 years ago), New York Fashion Week has been on my radar. It’s not just another event, it’s a series of...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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Episode 19: Our Friends Got Married

got married

Hi everyone! I hope you’re still there, even though I’ve been posting only 3 days a week. Summer back home is keeping me busy and last week was a whirlwind. I barely had time to sleep. Between meeting a few friends, dinners, hairdressers and a very important wedding, I was exhausted. But all for very good reasons! Last Friday, two of our closest friends got married in the beautiful town...

Episode 18: Sagres, the Most Western Point in the Algarve


Last Sunday, I drove with my parents and a friend to the most western point in the Algarve: Sagres. This small town is best known for its big waves, beautiful and natural sights and unmistakable beaches. Even though, there’s a big resemblance to Big Sur – for a minute there I got really confused – there’s no place like it. One of my favorite thing to do back home, is...

How to Change Your Life With One Simple Decision

how to change your life

There’s a constant battle inside me that often ponders about if I’m doing the right thing or not. A week or so ago, I texted my husband saying I was not feeling myself. Contrary to what Beyonce and Nicki Minaj sing, I’ve been struggling deeply inside. It may not seem like it, and I never let it show, but it’s been getting to me. Granted, since I came home, I...

Episode 17: We Spent the Night at the Beach


It all started around 14 years ago when I first went to Banho 29. Every year, in my hometown, there’s a party on the beach on the 29th of August. It’s been happening for years, but the first time I went, I was 14. I just started hanging out with a new group of, older, friends, and they organized to go to the party. It’s the one time of the year...

Episode 16: Going Back Home to Portugal


Early last week we got the confirmation that we could travel. I immediately booked the next flight back home and flew on Thursday the 24th. The flight is overnight, so I got to Portugal early morning on Friday. My father picked me up and we had lunch with my brother in Lisbon before heading south. It takes us around 2 and half hours to get home and by 5pm, we’d arrived....

How to Wear a Pair of Levi’s Shorts Two Different Ways

Levi's shorts

Even though summer is almost over as we’re approaching September, I’m still hanging on. As long as possible if I may say so. I’m not taking fall for an answer, and decided to rebel against it by buying a pair of Levi’s shorts. Thought I was in need of a pair, since all of mine were back home and I had no idea when I was going back. What I...

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By Eduarda Loureiro
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