Where to Eat

One thing you have to do when traveling to NYC is try the array of amazing restaurants. This list is definitely going to be bias, because I have my own personal preferences. Nonetheless, I wish you eat only the best, hence this section of the New York City guide. I also know that people travel with different budgets, so I selected different price-range-options to suit you. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the whole city – in no particular order.

New York City guide

Chop’t: when I went to an office in the city, Chop’t was my favorite place to go to. It’s a hot and cold salad place where you make your own salad – or choose one of the options – and they do it in front of you. It has fresh ingredients, amazing dressings and it’s a cheap place to have lunch. There are several locations throughout the city.

Pret a Manger: another place you can find easily and all over the island is Pret a Manger. I first tried it in London, almost 10 years ago, and was hooked. They have seriously good options to try. From a hot soup for those cold winter days to great salads and wraps.

Taim: another lunch-at-work place. Taim is a falafel and other vegetarian dishes in the heart of SoHo. Make sure you go off peak time because it gets busy at lunch.

Royal Bangladesh: you are in for a treat. If you love Indian food and want to have a unique experience, go to Royal Bangladesh. It’s one of the cheapest places I’ve been to and it’s BYOB – bring your own beverage. What more can we ask for?

Shake Shack: since the first bite I ever took in the summer of 2014, I’m hooked. For a while there I could not have a burger to save my life – don’t have too many – but they are easily the best fast food burger I’ve ever had. The Shroom Burger is good too.

By Chloé: looking for a vegan place? Then this is the place for you. By Chloé has the best vegan burgers, sweet potato fries, beet ketchup and chocolate chip cookies ever. Don’t look any further – especially at Bleecker street, the location is beautiful.

New York City guideNew York City guide

De Maria: recently opened at Kenmare Street, it’s a contemporary American style and chic restaurant. The chef, Camille Becerra offers us nothing but the best in exquisite taste and flavor.

The Egg Shop: the name says it all. The Egg Shop is a small restaurant, very close to De Maria, where you have only egg focused dishes. My favorite is the dragon bowl and their lemonade.

Jack’s Wife Freda: was the first ever restaurant me and my husband stepped in, in Manhattan. We were shopping for our new apartment and celebrating being in New York. They already have 2 locations and are known for their avocado toast and Maya’s irreverent sense of style.

New York City guide

Butcher’s Daughter: this all vegetarian place doesn’t only have a great menu but a beautiful decoration and happy hour. Make sure you try their kale chips pictured below.

Eataly: this huge concept store and restaurant has around 5 or 6 places inside. You can choose from pizza, to pasta, vegetables, fish or meat bar, or just a glass of wine and some cheese. They also have great gelatos and dessert options. Take some time to explore this magnificent gem.

Maman: whether you are in Brooklyn or Manhattan, you can enjoy a great and tasty meal at Maman. French based, this cute place is seen all over my Instagram feed (here, here, here and here). My experience is that, the Greepoint location is a bit more quiet – and their brunch on the weekends is amazing.

New York City guide

Sauvage: I’ve been there with my husband and by myself on a regular Wednesday – getting over humpday probably. It’s right by the G train (Greepoint Station). Another highly solicited space very close to Williamsburg. Their avocado toast is one of the best I’ve had in New York.

Five Leaves: right across the street from Sauvage, Five Leaves is an old favorite. I would say that it’s another place to try an amazing avocado toast or, according to my husband, the burger. If you have a waiting line at brunch, make your way over to the Williamsburg waterfront or the Smorgasburg if it’s spring/summer.

New York City guide

Tacombi: craving tacos and margaritas? Tacombi is the place for you. With over 4 locations in the city, you can never go wrong with their quesadillas and Palomitas – a grapefruit margarita.

New York City guide

ABC Kitchen: we’ve only been to ABC Kitchen once, but it was enough to know how good it is. It’s not a place you go every week because it’s a bit more expensive than what we’re used to. But it’s a nice place to go for a date or a special evening.

Gramercy Tavern: again, a bit pricey, but not something you go everyday. Gramercy Tavern has a sort of gentlemen’s club feel, but all the good food. I had an amazing flatbread as a starter and it was amazing.

Augustine: having friends in the city is a great way to find out about new places. A friend of ours introduced us to Augustine. With a very old New York vibe and feel, we were transported to another decade. Suddenly, I could feel the 20’s vibes, the Gatsby dresses and the cigarette holders. The salmon is beyond good.

New York City guide

The Standard Grill: one of the places we’ve been the most – but actually haven’t been in a while. Known for crazy-busy brunches, great fries and an ice rink during winter, the Standard Grill is at the Standard hotel. Falling on the high line, it’s in the vibrant Meatpacking district. While you wait for your table – there’s always some time – you can browse through the great shops or enjoy the view of the Hudson river.

Bar Bolonat: I feel like this is a very strong statement to make, but Bar Bolonat is my favorite place in the city. I’ve been there around 4/5 times and cannot get enough. The food is indescribable, the drinks are to die for and the ambiance is just freaking awesome. Make sure you get a reservation or, if you forget, go there mid-week, it’s less crowded.

If you feel like there’s a place you really feel should be featured here, feel free to e-mail me or comment below. This New York City guide is going to be edited as my experience in the city improves.