An Optimistic Guide to Adulthood


Lately, I’ve been stumbling upon the concept of adulthood in your late twenties. Not only on articles, but also podcasts. It goes hand in hand with the time we finish school/college/university, and begin to work. For some, sooner than others, but we all get there. I’ve been confronted with the ins and outs of it. When we’re teenagers, everything seems eternal, hard, a struggle. When we’re adults, everything starts to seem ephemeral, still hard and still a struggle.

As newly adults, we thrive for greatness, stability, love, fame, fortune. We start to understand things that were once said to us by siblings, older friends, parents. But the meaning of being an adult nowadays seems to have shifted. We’re no longer walking the traditional paths, but forging our own. Things aren’t as clear – as I’m sure all the previous generations felt when faced with this conundrum.

We have to go through certain things in life, to be able to fully embrace and become an adult. Things like heartbreaks, falling outs, deaths, jobs, dreams, travels. But also a daily realization that life is happening right now. Adulthood is when we become accountable for ourselves. Anything and everything you do, is you. By realizing this, what most of us don’t realize is that, we hold the power. Adulthood is finding out that we are our own force.

I’m slowly getting it. And by getting it, I’m learning to:

#1 Let go

I talk and write about it all the time, but know it’s never going to come easy. Letting go of things that no longer fit your life is key to adulthood. It’s unbelievably hard and the toughest lesson I’m ever going to learn. The silver lining is that, it’s creating space for better things to come.

#2 Do

You have to be the one that does things. You can never expect someone else to be there and do it for you. If you’re in a crappy situation, get out. Don’t love your job? Quit and find something better. Want to travel the world? Find a way to do it. Being an adult is an all-hands-on job.

#3 Face

The consequences of your actions. Stepping into adulthood means taking responsibility. Knowing that everything you do will affect someone, or something – especially yourself. Whether that’s good or bad, again, depends on you.

#4 Live

Don’t get tangled up in what happened or might happen. Just enjoy. Even if you’re having the shittiest of days, enjoy it too. There’s only so many. Free yourself from what holds you back. Do something to get what you want. Face the consequences of your actions. Live even the shittiest of days.

We are always going to be writing our own guide to everyday life. To me, being an adult means facing my fears and insecurities. Finding out where they come from and how I can tackle them. Be kind and honest to people and, most of all, to myself. Not make excuses for things that are solely my fault. Ask for help when help is needed. Understand that I cannot go through life alone and apologize when I make mistakes. Which are also key, teaching me how to overcome challenging situations. Be able to embrace change and know how good it can be. While, also, finding out the people who are indispensable in your life.

What’s your take on adulthood?