Get Ready With Me – Summer 2017

Interrupting the regular vlog scheduling to bring you a get ready with me video. I haven’t done it in a while, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you guys. Mainly asking what products I’ve been using and my summer make up routine. I thought it would be simpler showing it to you in a video and you can shop all the products below.

In the summer, I usually use a lot less makeup and invest a bit more in prepping the skin. Recently, I found The Ordinary, and decided to try their products. They have a very specific range of skincare formulations and you really have to read into what each one of them helps you with. I bought 3 – along with 2 creams I’m still not using. But they have been revolutionary. Especially the retinoid treatment for my chin acne and lumps.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope the video answers most, or all, of the ones you’ve been asking. Thank you so much for sending DM’s, emails and comments, I truly appreciate every single one of them. It honestly keeps me going.

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