Episode 20: a Typical Summer Day in Lagos, Portugal

I’ve been MIA, yet again. To be honest, I wanted to enjoy last week with my husband – who left for New York yesterday. I still posted on Monday and Tuesday but felt like I wanted to switch off. And that’s exactly what I did. That’s why yesterday I spent 4 hours going through hundreds of emails. I kid you not. But, meanwhile, we recorded a very typical summer day in Lagos.

We started with breakfast, headed to the beach and spent the afternoon at Manel’s parents pool. It was a bit cold to actually get in, but I love hanging out and catching some vitamin D. Before day’s end, we still went to Ponta da Piedade. Every time I’m in Lagos, I always take some time to enjoy a beautiful sunset (seen here last year, and this year). Honestly, it makes you stop and stare a little bit at how beautiful the landscape is.

A typical summer day in Lagos is pretty chill. There’s not much going on, but involves a lot of beach, sun and walking around. I hope you guys enjoy a little bit of what goes around in our lives here and I’ll be sure to make a vlog that focuses on the best places to visit when in Lagos (besides Sagres of course). I would love to know what you think in the comments section.

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