Episode 19: Our Friends Got Married

Hi everyone! I hope you’re still there, even though I’ve been posting only 3 days a week. Summer back home is keeping me busy and last week was a whirlwind. I barely had time to sleep. Between meeting a few friends, dinners, hairdressers and a very important wedding, I was exhausted. But all for very good reasons! Last Friday, two of our closest friends got married in the beautiful town of Alenquer. I was, gladly, maid of honor and fulfilled my duties as best as I could.

The day went by too quickly and we left drunk, happy and with our hearts full. I’m not one to easily cry, but I did. Like a baby. When the bride was getting in the church, I glanced at the groom and he was sobbing. Which made me sob as well. It was such a beautiful occasion and I felt extremely grateful to be able to fully enjoy the moment with everyone there. We kept screaming throughout the day that P and P got married.

Friends got together, we drank, danced, ate, I made a very embarrassing speech and it all ended well. I think I lost a few pounds dancing and by the next day, could not feel my feet. Which ultimately means it was an amazing night. Of course I had to record the day to show it to you, but especially, as a little gift to the newly-weds. I hope you all enjoy a bit of the day we all happily spent with them.

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