Fashion Trends Forecast for 2017

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my basic interests (and if not, I’m telling you anyway): fashion (and trends), beauty, decor, health and wellbeing. Basically what constitutes my life. The thing is, fashion has always been a top priority in my interests. My grandmother used to buy all the Vogues, Elle’s and Cosmopolitan’s in life and give to my mother, who consequentially gave them to me. I have binders full of Vogue pages that used to inspire me. I also have one with articles about Britney Spears, so not sure how valid my opinion is.

My point is, I’ve always loved fashion, and still, to this day, remember some of my favorite worn outfits throughout the years. I also remember some of my worst. I believe fashion is a great way to express your personality or the way you’re feeling. At some point in my life, I would mostly wear all black ensembles. Then red was my favorite color. Military green. Two years ago, I decided to experiment with prints. It’s definitely a pivotal point that can help express a lot, without saying much.

I love to try different trends, basics and mix it up as much as possible. Mainly because I’m always self-discovering. And what better way to try trends out and vouch that it suits you, or it doesn’t. Unfortunately, this means my closet bares too many clothes I often don’t wear. But feel like I gravitate towards. And you can’t help but be influenced by the constant image sharing you see every single day.

But trends exist for a reason. And what they mean is, tendencies to which fast-fashion-stores, and now even high-end, are leading us to. Things designers and street style dictated, are going to be the next big thing. Not all are suitable or appropriate, but you can pick whichever plays closer to home. Here are the trends that we are definitely going to be seeing in 2017.

#1 Logo Tee


This probably isn’t a groundbreakingnewsflash of a trend. We’ve seen it rise and stay for the past year or so. Not only of high-end logos are the street style walks made of, but athleisure also took a shot and famous 70’s, 80’s and 90’s bands and artists. I remember this being in, in the 90’s, when my favorite t-shirt had the Dragon Ball logo and I would pair it with some bell-bottom jeans. Looking classier than ever, you can almost take any brand and splash it underneath a classy blazer or worn with a pair of pumps.


#2 Satin


Satin has been creeping up slowly in terms of trends. It started with small details like a clutch or a headband. Moving to slip dresses and trousers. I’m under the impression it was a bit frowned upon in the beginning. People rolling their eyes at others who were showing up in their PJ’s and slippers. But now, everyone would rather extend their loungewear and show up in glamorous undergarments.


#3 Loose pants and jeans


After the skinny jeans being in for such a long period of time, loose pants and jeans made their comeback. Whether we’re talking culottes, flares or pantsuits, classic, sporty or casual. There’s no hiding that these are the pants to be seen in this year. Preferably with a stripe on the side.


#4 Athluxury


After athleisure being a huge success last year, luxury brands are now creating collections worthy of country club sporting. Even fast fashion stores, like Zara and Gap, turned their head to this trend and created workout gear that can be good enough to drink a cocktail at the Plaza. It’s not something I’m up for every single day, but it’s a practical solution to the not-knowing-what-to-wear or bloated-days problems.


#5 Pink


You’ve seen it over here, here, here, here and here. I’m obsessed. Clearly. It’s the second time in my life that I’ve been this crazy over pink. And the last time I was 5. According to Vogue, pink is the new camel, and houses like Valentino, Balenciaga, Givenchy, took a chance on what can only be called the color of the year. Sorry Pantone.


All images from here.