Wellbeing Week: How to Take Better Care of Yourself in 2017

You are what you eat. Don’t trash people. Stay true to yourself. We keep hearing these things over and over. What does take better care of yourself really means? In a time where self-discovery is the shizz, and we are out to set the life our parents dreamt for themselves, shouldn’t we be making decisions that ultimately are good for us?

We all want happiness, glowing skin, banging bods, the perfect person. But one thing we sometimes forget is ourselves. Our own body, mind, soul and spirit. One of my goals last year was to take care better of myself last year. I succeed pretty much every step of the way. But it was hard. And now that the new year vouched in, I’m ready to take on a new project me and my husband set out. I will talk about it soon enough, but meanwhile, let’s stick to what you can do right now to take better care of yourself.

Listen to your body. I feel like I keep repeating myself, but this is so important. When I started listening to my body, my understanding of it became larger. Finding out I was intolerant to certain foods increased my quality of life. Because now, I could look for what was making me sick and manage it. If you have pain, feel sick or just generally don’t feel good, check that out. Go to your doctor, to a specialist, talk to friends.

Invest in you. Another struggle I still have is my skin. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve researched and invested so much time and money in finding ways to improve my skin. It’s all about finding the things that work best for you – which aren’t necessarily the same for other people.

Take time off. Last year, I witnessed my husband reaching a point where he no longer had the will to do anything. From May to December, he took zero time off. Not even a weekend. No matter how much you think you can handle, always take time off. It will serve you greatly in the long run.

Break bad habits. This one almost goes without saying. Bitting your nails? Find a way to quit. Too much time on your phone? Ask for a good book. Procrastinate much? Find things your passionate about. Nothing moves us better than our own motivation. So find things you genuinely love to do and stick to them.

Let’s make this our best year. Shall we?