What’s the Future of Fashion?

future of fashion

Being a fashion business student, you’d think I knew the answer to that. But truth is, I don’t. In one of my last classes of fashion history, we were discussing the future of fashion. And boy, I have no idea. I certainly have thoughts on it, but it’s one of the most uncertain things to talk about right now. Fashion overall feels like a mesh of everything and anything. If you browse through any fast fashion website, and even store, you’ll find a series of endless trendy pieces, remakes and nostalgia.

Don’t know if I like the term nostalgia for fast fashion, but they basically take everything they can get. We can talk about colors. But I see lilac, yellow, mustard yellow, pastels, red. Moving on to shapes. We have bulky, skinny, oversized, loose. Also seams. Unfinished, stitched, showing, not showing. So where is this all going? Brands like Zara, H&M, Mango are constantly releasing new editorials, collections, pieces. I get at least 10 newsletters a day reporting on new trends, new releases, new styles.

I can detect patterns, and what’s being worn, or not, through analyzing blogs, Instagrams and even retail stores. But year after year, I feel like we keep buying the same things over and over. I’ve made that mistake myself. Just because what I bought last year doesn’t necessarily look the same.

This year, my decisions have reflected a more conscious thinking. Especially about how garments are made and things like sustainability, eco-fashion, second-hand shopping. Would these be things you’d like me to talk about here on the blog? I feel like they are so relevant and important for us to discuss and be aware. Because there’s a lack of awareness and there shouldn’t be.

Where do you think the future of fashion is leading us to? Any thoughts? Let me know in the comment section.