The Lolita Dress I’ll Be Wearing This Summer


Reformation Klara Dress, Zara Home Slippers and Cinco Nico Necklace.

Like fashion, I’m getting ahead of myself. But last week, we had a few summer worthy days. Besides being scolding hot, M also had the morning off. So we headed to Greenpoint, grabbed breakfast and took some pictures. I have been spotting this dress for a while now, and even though its name is Klara, it gives me Lolita vibes. I’m talking French-hot-summer by the pool, with a cigarette in hand and a pair of heart-sunglasses.

I’m not sure if it’s still age-appropriate, or if I should already be talking about age-appropriate clothes. My mother and I often discuss how she feels like she can’t wear the same things she once did. And while trying the dress, at Reformation, I pondered if it’s an age-appropriate dress. But then, I thought I gave zero fucks and if I like it, why shouldn’t I wear it? Gwyneth Paltrow was talking, a few years ago, about wearing shorts at 40. All I have to say is yes girl, yes.

I’ve always been decisive when it comes to getting dressed. Since I had a sane judgment, I’ve always known what I wanted to wear. And that shaped the way I do it now. Which is for my mood. There are certain basic outfits I often rely on, but I mostly like to experiment. And I see this Lolita inspired dress with a loose shirt over, flip-flops, heels, a denim jacket and most certainly, a leather jacket.

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