My Skin at 29

Never would I imagine that I would still be struggling with so many issues at 29. When it comes to skin, it’s as unpredictable as the future. Honestly. And the worst part of the whole situation is how it’s messing with my self esteem. I was never a confident person to begin with. But this has been next level uncomfortable because it’s right there on my face. There’s no way I can hide it – not even the duo concealer/foundation works.

I always had pretty good skin. My teens were pimple and acne free. Since I was 14, I started using Nivea products for sensitive and dry skin. And they worked pretty well into my early 20’s. My last year of college, I switched up a bit and started using La Roche Posay. Which also worked. I had the whole cleansing/hydration line. Milk cleanser, toner, moisturizer and occasional spot drier.

skin at 29

On the day I turned 21, things started to shift. Occasionally, I would have something pop on my chin – from period and hormonal changes. But then, they started to persist. I refer to my chin now as a third person. A demon that settled and doesn’t want to leave. It’s 8 years later, and I’m still battling with it. But I can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it. At some point, I found out it was food intolerances. Mainly to dairy, alcohol, animal based products. Now, I have no idea.

Last month, I went to a dermatologist to try and figure out. He gave me antibiotic and a cream, which does not seem to have done much. Back to square one. Meanwhile, I’m struggling really hard with my self-esteem. Because it doesn’t look good, almost like an open and exposed wound. And I can’t cover it – any type of make-up reacts with the problem areas.

skin at 29

Two weeks ago, I spoke to a friend back home, through DM. And she sent me a map of the face, similar to this one. Which was actually very interesting to analyze. My problem areas are around the mouth and chin. Which indicates stress, hormonal problems, greasy food, dehydration. Which seems fairly simple to solve. I’ll be taking this map the next time I go in for a consult and see what the doctor has to say and how I can start tackling this issue.

Meanwhile, my soothing companions have been the entire line of Sunday Riley. Which I talked about here, and now I’m focusing just on their green-packaged-line. I’ve been using the U.F.O. oil since January and decided to try and use the whole set of products. They make half of my face glow, which makes me excited for the rest of it. If you’re thinking about trying the products, you have to get passed the smell – which is the only thing that bothers me. Everything else is tip-top-perfect.

Shop the products I’ve been using: