The Revivalist Spirit of Fashion

I have a fashion history teacher that hates the word vintage. I’m currently working on the final project for her class and she’s always telling us to be aware of the use of the word. What does it really mean nowadays? If you Google it, it specifies to wine. But we perceive it as something that was once popular and it’s now revived. Like vinyl, analog cameras and film.

In fashion, it takes on many forms. One of them, is when a designer digs into the archives and retrieves something that was created years/decades ago. I’m talking a print by Galliano for Dior, a logo by Alessandro for Gucci, or a bag by Maria Grazia also for Dior. It’s a moment in time, when we get to raid our grandmothers, and/or mothers’ closets, and find treasures we can once again, wear. What I like to call, the revivalist spirit of fashion. Something that enchants me more, every single day.

I was lucky enough to inherit a few of those treasures (like the Dior saddle bag in the pictures). And even get some of my own (like my Chanel slingbacks), I can pass on some day. I never believed more in the cycle of fashion and how everything always comes back. Fashion is a response and interpretation to the world around us. And history has a way of repeating itself. So does fashion. And here we are, going back to old pieces, patterns and legacies.

revivalist spirit

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