Hello 2018!


As you may, or may not, have noticed, I took a week long break. Not necessarily from everything, but basically from everything. I did not want to spend the last days back home worried about posting. Even though I did a little bit of it here. How was your New Year’s Eve, day, next day? Any cool/weird/spectacular resolutions I should know of? I had a very weird two weeks back home. Can’t explain the unease I felt pretty much the whole time. Something did not feel quite normal. Christmas was awesome. But then, it got strange. Not complaining though. Welcoming 2018 in full swing.

While back home, I had many thoughts. Some good, some not so good. But mostly, I realized I needed a change. I’m a big believer in a new year. I’m on the side that thrives in the change that a spanking new number can bring. I wrote an impromptu story about it on Instagram. After what felt like a lousy year, a brand new leaf in 2018 is what I need. And a brand new me. Because I did not like myself last year, I feel the need to make a massive change – which gradually already begun.

I started by entering 2018 make up free. The very first day of the year, I did not apply a single hinge of makeup. We are on day 8, and still my face is bare. I’ve only been focusing on taking really good care of my skin. And this will definitely be a step towards liking myself a lot more. I don’t want to hide behind makeup that tackles my insecurities. I want to face those insecurities and actually find a healthy balance.

I’m usually a highly unbalanced person. I preach a lot about eating well, exercising and moderation, but don’t always follow. And even though I’m not unhealthy, I don’t feel generally well. And my skin is the first to suffer. Another thing I started practicing was not give a fuck. Not to it all, but to little, stupid and irritating things that unease me. I want this to be the year I focus on myself and myself only. It may sound selfish but I’ve given almost 30 years of my life to others and it does not seem to be boding well. So now, let’s try a different approach.

Our society is turning us into self-loving-bastards. Which can be both good and bad. It’s important to love ourselves, since we’re the person we spend all of our time with. But that does not mean you have to be rude or inconsiderate to others. It’s all about the claimed balance. Which is what I’m searching for this year. Of course I’ll keep you updated on the process and progress. I’ll be over here, writing down my real goals for the year, while sipping coffee and searching for the hygge.