Under $100 Fall Essentials You Need

Fall is that in between season where it can be hard to figure what to wear. It’s not really cold nor hot. But there’s a whole world of things we can wear that are perfect for when you don’t know what to wear. When I got to New York, early last week, it was freaking cold. I even got slightly sick. Coming from the perfect fall weather – while still going to the beach – it was a bit of a shocking transition. Throughout the week though, I got organized and pulled out my fall essentials – and some winter ones – from the drawers.

I’ve been rocking long sleeve dresses. Lots of leather jackets, skirts, dresses. Pants and shirts. Flowy skirts and light jackets. Because I was so confused, I imagine you are too. So I decided to put together a fall shopping guide to help you through this difficult time. This way, you’ll know exactly what to wear at all times and nail this hard-ass weather. All along, while giving you the tips I apply to get dressed in the morning and, sometimes, at night.

Shop all my favorites this season for under $100.

#1 Wear the skirt.

fall essentials

This is the perfect time to wear those midi skirts. It might not feel like it, but paired with a camisole or a thicker shirt, you are halfway into fall, while still acknowledging a bit of summer. My uniform has consisted of basically all the skirts I can wear.


#2 Leather is your best friend.

fall essentials

While in summer it might not be a very comfortable fabric, during fall it is. I got the most perfect leather jacket, skirt and dress and have been wearing the first two non-stop. While the dress is awfully cute, I’m still testing out ways to wear it.


#3 Mid-season boot.

fall essentials

You know those boots that freeze your feet during winter, burn them during summer but are just right for fall? Now’s the time to rock them with every ensemble you might think of. There’s a story behind the ones I’ve been wearing – and it’s still a few weeks before the official break-in. But take that beautiful skirt and pair them with your favorite boots.


#4 All the plaid you can get.

fall essentials

An obvious but very easy choice this season. Plaid is everywhere. From shirts to skirts, pants to blazers. I’m guilty of loving it. Maybe it’s because it emulates a very classic and chic look, or just because it’s one of the ultimate fall essentials pattern.