Episode 23: a Secret Beach and Some Nude Time

We’ve always had this thing with September. Being from the Algarve, that’s the quiet month. When everyone goes back to their lives and we get to enjoy the beach for a month. Last week, we had one of those days. While my father was still away, me and my mother went to the countryside. I say it ironically because everything feels like the country side there. There are a few of their friends that have houses and a pathway to a secret beach. You can only get there either by boat or walking.

We spent most of our day there enjoying the (almost) empty beach. A lot of people go there for some nude time. Which is fine by us. Because we also did it. And it was my first time ever. Felt good! Ha! Felt crazy liberating and I can’t even explain why. I love spending these moments with my family because they don’t come that often. And especially if they’re in the nude.

After, my father arrived and we had a very typical Portuguese meal, cooked by my mother. I hope if you ever come to Portugal, you get to experience both: beach in the nude and pastéis de bacalhau. I would love to know what you think about today’s vlog in the comment section below. And enjoy your humpday!

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