Episode 26: When Bloggers Get Together

The Sunday after this Saturday was a sort of (not) typical day. A while back, I met this gorgeous girl. We’ve only talked through Instagram and decided to meet when I went back to Portugal. I brought her a few goodies from Glossier and she got me a Portuguese delicacy. One thing led to another and we instantly became friends. We met three other times before I came back to NY. And one of those days was today’s vlog.

We headed out to lunch in downtown Lisbon. Followed by six outfit changes – three each. All along while having girls talk and recording everything in between. I can’t tell you how much fun we had that day. I guess you’ll just have to watch. Meanwhile, I was in my element. Usually, my husband is the one who takes my pictures. Or whoever I can ask. But this day, we took advantage of the fact that we both needed content, are great photographers and drove around Lisbon to capture those moments. I suffer from BS – bloggers syndrome. And I love capturing every-single-moment. Some of my friends get annoyed. Others don’t. Mafalda didn’t. Because she does the same. It. Was. Awesome!

You can see the results here, here and here. And meanwhile, you can also check my friend’s Instagram. She is just the coolest girl and I love that we have so much in common. You can never know how friendships are going to go, but this one had an amazing start. Hopefully we’ll have lots of other days to spend together and create content. Let me know what you think about the video. And for English speakers, I’m sorry some parts are in Portuguese.

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