Episode 16: Going Back Home to Portugal

Early last week we got the confirmation that we could travel. I immediately booked the next flight back home and flew on Thursday the 24th. The flight is overnight, so I got to Portugal early morning on Friday. My father picked me up and we had lunch with my brother in Lisbon before heading south. It takes us around 2 and half hours to get home and by 5pm, we’d arrived.

My mother already had planned a dinner with some friends and family and I invited one of my best friends as well. I didn’t want to be recording whilst enjoying time with them and, after dinner, we went out. I got to see most of my friends who were spending the weekend in Lagos. It was an amazing night. I was extremely tired and it spent 24 hours without sleeping, but my happiness trumps everything else. Being in Portugal is just amazing, especially this time of year when things are finally slowing down.

I want to enjoy a few weeks at the beach, before a friend’s wedding and have already done so much. I hope you follow along the videos I’ll be making in the coming month or so as I show you my hometown and country.

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