Episode 22: We Did Some Damage

Last week, my father left for a two day conference. Me and my mother were by ourselves and had two full girl days. On the first, we went shopping unexpectedly. There’s a shopping mall a few miles away, we got in the car and did some damage. Then went back home and had an amazing meal my mother cooked. We walked the dogs and headed home so I could work a bit.

Days like these are what make being in Lagos so worth it. Everything is quiet, the weather is amazing, the food is great and there’s no hustles. Even though I miss a bit of the New York chaos, I would not trade it right now. September is one of the best months to be at home and there’s not a whole more lot to say. I hope you like this small vlog and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me do or visit while I’m in Portugal.

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