Episode 21: What’s Wrong With Me?

Another vlog, another day in paradise. Today’s vlog is a lot of me, me, me, but being without my significant other makes me turn into a boring lady. Talking to herself on the camera. It’s not as fun. On the plus, side, I babble a lot and make some fun mistakes. A lot of people ask me why I normally speak english in my vlogs. Sometimes some Portuguese sneaks in. But I want to be able to appeal to a broader audience. Something I’m thinking about – and have for a long time – is to do a bilingual approach. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, life continues in my hometown. I’ve been enjoying these days so, so much. Living in New York, life can get pretty hectic and there’s no stopping. Here, everything slows down a bit and I can rest my head and body from the messiness. Don’t get me wrong, being in my 20’s in NY is amazing. It’s the exact right time to do it. But coming here, is where I actually reboot and detox.

We all need a break every now and then. This, is continuously mine. I want to enjoy the beach as long as possible. My mom’s cookings. My dad’s company. Walks downtown. Sunsets here. I need to return to the city with a fresh set of eyes. I need to pick 2017 and turn it around. Now is going to be the time to do it.

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