You Still Have Time to Accomplish It All

One of the things I’m most tired of hearing, is how people my age, and slightly older or younger, are running out of time. I’m tired of seeing people settle down because they say there’s no other choice. Doing things just because it feels like the time to do it. What is this all about? People don’t often follow the traditional path. I love that us, millennials, have the chance to make our own lives happen. The luxury of designing them.

I’m always asking myself, why should I settle for something other than what I want? True, we all have to make sacrifices that don’t come easy. Whether it’s living abroad, doing something you don’t fully love, hang out with people you don’t totally connect. But then again, we can also try and pursue whatever it is we love to do. Or at least give ourselves the change to figure it out.

I understand how privileged I sound. But I look at it as confidence. That I’m on the path to working towards building a future I love, whilst focusing on the present. I don’t want to plan for the unplannable. If I could tell you something, is that you still have time. There’s so much we can do, and so much we should do. I feel frustrated listening to stories about someone who settled. Why settle? Why not be weird? Stupid? Different? People often thrive on that.

I’m choosing to focus my energy on doing things I love. Being around people I love, who love me and inspire me. You still have time to pursue the job of your dreams. To tell someone you love them. To believe your life is going to get better. Of course, this is coming from a place of positivity. I don’t think like that all the time. But when the sun shines out my ass, I’m sure as hell going to try hard and make it shine from yours too. Don’t worry. You still have time.