What Has Become of Personal Style

It’s really easy to get stuck in the midst of things and caught up in what everyone else is doing. With social media, we can easily access pieces that would, otherwise, be unattainable. Personal style has become an intermix of what you love and what other people are wearing. The proliferation of platforms that suggest trends, inspiration and ideas make us feel like we’re all wearing the same thing. And so what if we are? The people I choose to follow are the ones I relate with the most. Before, when we only had idilic magazine editorials, it used to be hard to identify your sense of style. Now, I’m keen on looking elsewhere to find something I can also relate to.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, I source out for daily inspiration. And I love to find articles similar to the ones I wrote, or have planned to write. I wrote this one only to find this written a few days later. I think it’s amazing to find a common ground and sort of feel like you’re a part of something. Your personal style will always be your own – whether you’re wearing the same pair of shoes all the other girls are.

Last week, when I went to the Who What Wear event, I felt a bit out of my element. Not only because I was sweating profusely, but because all the other girls seem to be attending a cocktail party. True, I was wearing a dress, but with flats and minimal makeup. My hair was completely messy – pretty much how I woke up – and I was mainly wearing concealer, lipstick and mascara. But as I got home and changed into workout clothes, I thought about how silly it was that I was feeling bad. I should not feel bad for wearing what I love. And I’m always going to be the girl with the messy hair, pimples on her chin and either under or over dressed.

In the moment, we tend to compare ourselves. And what I’m trying to play as a mental message, and hopefully tell you, is that, you should always try to feel confident in your style. After all, it’s not necessarily what defines you but it can be a representation of a message you’re trying to convey. I want to be the girl who can play it up and down. Who pairs sneakers with a delicate dress. Loafers with satin shorts. Striped shirts with floral skirts. Low with high end pieces.

Reformation Dress, Gucci Slippers.

H&M Flounced Wrap Dress.

What type of girl are you?