Episode 9: Dinner at a Long Island Beach Club

Hump days are always the designated day when I work from bed. After spending the morning catching up on work, I commuted to Long Island and visited the town we used to live. Roslyn is such a charming spot and I honestly miss the quiet sometimes. Since the days in the city can blend in easily, we decided to have a different date night. I headed out to Long Island to have dinner with my husband at our favorite beach club (seen here).

It was actually the first place we ever had dinner when we arrived in New York 3 years ago. Located in Bayville, it’s just the nicest place to relax, have some mouth-watering sushi and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Living in the midst of chaos now, I feel a growing need to get out of it and just enjoy a bit of the quiet and peace you can get. I love to put in the effort of going on a train and reliving my first two years living here.

As you know, it hasn’t been an easy last few months. And both of us are trying hard to keep things upbeat and positive. With both of us working, it doesn’t seem like we’re heading anywhere anytime soon. So these little escapes help relieve – even if for just a few hours – the fact that we could be home by now. I hope you enjoy going to our favorite beach club with us and let me know what are your little summer escapes in the comments below.

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