Episode 10: Riding a Bike Through New York City

I’m so happy to be writing this post. We’ve been planing for a few weeks now to bike through New York City. But we either decided to go to Montauk, it rained or was too hot. Yesterday was the day! It wasn’t too hot, nor cold, nor windy, nor impossible. We ate a strengthened breakfast, walked the dog and rented two Citi Bikes (this is not sponsored). Right in front of our building, we have a Citi Bike stop, so it made sense. Until we started figuring out how the system works.

You have to have the app on your phone. Register. Select the package you want – we picked daily – and add your card information. But as my husband scrolled down the terms and conditions, we realized it’s mandatory to stop at a Citi Bike station every half hour, for 2 minutes. The time lapses you see in the vlog are from when we were waiting. It’s an easy system until we were basically following the map to find stations to lock the bikes, only to release them a few minutes after. Being honest, it would always be a good opportunity to drink water and rest in the shade. If you cross the 30 minutes mark, you pay extra for each hour.

Nonetheless, we had the greatest day ever. I have to say, all throughout, I was thinking to myself how happy I felt. Riding a bike through New York City is just the most fun activity. Dangerous as well – sorry dad! – but so much fun. We stopped by Columbia University for the first time. Went down the west side through the Riverside Park, and biked along the bike trails Casey Neistat is so often at.

We stopped around 4:30 to have lunch/early dinner at Dudley’s, on the Lower East Side. Crossed the Williamsburg bridge, biked through Greenpoint, crossed our third bridge of the day into Long Island City. It was one of those days where I felt truly grateful to be able to live in this city. For a few hours there, I completely forgot about the fact that tomorrow is already August. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it!

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