Three Way Classic Blazer

One of the most basic pieces in a woman’s wardrobe – after the perfect pair of jeans – is the classic blazer. Whether you like it short, long or mid-length, you should have one. But because not only for interviews is the classic blazer made, I figured there are great alternatives to the combo we’re used to seeing. No boring pants or skirts here. After this outfit, I decided to pair the classic blazer three different ways because it’s such a versatile piece.

Back in Portugal, I was eyeing this blazer and even tried it on for a brief moment. The fit was perfect and the length. Oh the length. But I already had too many things to bring to New York and couldn’t risk having to pay extra $80 for an (yet again) overweight baggage.

A few weeks later, I went to Manhattan to return a few things and stepped into a Zara. I was just going to look around and see what the sales still had. And then, when I was going down the escalator, there it was. Staring at me with those grey and black lines and the one button. I took a look downstairs and quickly made my way up. When in sales, your fear levels go up with the thought of someone else grabbing what you want.

Again, I tried it on and it was love. And in fact, the Beatles so perfectly sang, all you need is love.

#1 The Lace Skirt

classic blazer

I don’t think I ever wore a pants/skirt suit. The only matchy ensembles I had were the cashmere cardigan and sweater, when my grandmother used to get them for me. Given the classiness of the blazer, it’s only natural that I stir away from adding more classic pieces. So I went for the logo t-shirt and the perfectly detailed lace skirt + a bonus with the sneakers. This is something I would easily wear on a daily basis as it’s such a comfortable outfit.


#2 All That Glitter

classic blazer

This outfit – without the boots or earrings – is border lining the classic. But if you add detailed and edgy pieces, you got yourself a brand new look. The Zara pink glitter boots are a fun and surprising element. As are the Mango earrings. I’m definitely wearing this for a night out and mixing it up with these boots as well.


#3 Ripped Jeans

classic blazer

Again, you might’ve seen this blazer and these loafers together, but here, the tones are completely different. I went with a lilac knit and white pants – which are always a great and beautiful combination. The four tones work in perfect tune. And if you feel like it’s too much of a classic look, add a fun and messy bun with a pink, or bright, lipstick. I could’ve easily gone with this shade as well.