What I’m Currently Eating

As many of you know, my struggle with food is real. In no way I consider myself to be fat or unhealthy, but I have a tendency to either exaggerate on the portions or just eat a lot of foods I shouldn’t. Especially since I found out I have so many food intolerances that keep me away from certain things – like egg whites, cherries, dark beans. The list goes on. I’ve been asked a lot about the foods I’m currently eating, so this post is meant to do that.

Ever since I found out, my quest for alternative ingredients has led me to today. I can say that I haven’t stopped eating the things I love. Because I found something that’s a great alternative for it. I’m talking butter, olive oil, wheat flour, yogurts, cereals. We just have to take some time and find the suitable alternatives. It’s fucking hard, especially when your life revolves so much around food. And I always try not to be the annoying guest at a dinner party asking what the dinner is going to be.

Fortunately, my intolerances aren’t necessarily allergies. So my physical reaction doesn’t occur most times if I eat the ingredient every once in a while. Let’s say I haven’t had olive oil in a week. If I do cook something in it, I’m not going to be affected. But if I do eat it every day, then things start to shift and my body has a reaction.

But like everything else in life, it’s just a matter of moderation and balance – which is easier said than done. One of my 2017 goals is to become healthier and reach a weight I’m comfortable in. I’ve been working hard towards it and, so far, it’s been going great. I want to feel good about myself but also about what I eat. I don’t want to feel guilty when I indulge or sad when I’m depriving myself.

Here’s what I’m currently eating and loving so far:


One of the things I found out I’m intolerant to, are two huge dairy components: alpha-lactalbumin and casein. Both are found in cow milk, most cheeses, yogurts and, also used as a food additive. So basically I had to be off all dairy. Fortunately, one of my friends in New York also goes through the same struggles and she told me about ghee butter. It’s basically simmered butter. It’s a great substitute for toasts, pancakes or anything you want to cook with butter.

Coconut oil, which is currently a power food, is a substitute for olive oil – which turns out, I’m intolerant to. I use it everywhere to cook vegetables, on soups, rice and pasta. It gives food a great taste and it’s way healthier and better for you.

currently eating

Something we always have around the apartment are healthy snacks. Whether we’re talking about nuts, dried or fresh fruits and, of course, some chocolate. I recently discovered Barkthins snacking chocolate with a hint of mint. It’s the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings.

currently eating

Of course, I also had to find an alternative to yogurt. One of my favorite breakfast is yogurt + granola + berries. The regular greek one was giving me stomach aches. But on a trip to the Food Cellar recently, I found these sheep’s milk greek yogurts. They have the texture of a pudding and are amazingly delicious. Bring on the granola!

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Because me and my husband love to make pancakes on Sunday morning, I had to figure out a way to still make them. One of the alternatives to regular flour, was almond – or spelt – flour. It adds an extra taste to the pancakes – which I’ll post a recipe soon.

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Finally, and because I was having trouble coming up with different recipes almost every single day, I got this amazing book. The Food Lover’s Cleanse is great for you to detox from sugar, unhealthy fats and get back on track. It gives you a 2 week plan for every season – taking into account the ingredients that are in season. I highly recommend it.

What are you currently eating? Any tips or tricks? I would love to know!