How to stay balanced

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Ever since I started working in New York, my life has been a series of similar days trying to manage all my routine tasks. I thought I could handle it all but I’ve been finding myself out of energy and lacking motivation. My exercise routine has been very inconstant, my eating habits have slightly changed, given that I don’t ever want to get in the kitchen and my work has turned a shift where I can’t seem to find any inspiration whatsoever. If you’re feeling like your days pile up, one after the other, and you go through them in a lethargic way, then you’re like me, in serious need of some balance.

I’ve been trying to figure out what small things I can do to change this frenzy state of mind where I feel like I’m going 100 miles an hour without actually doing anything. These next five steps have been keeping me grounded, focused and far from the verge of a breakdown! I realized we all have a lot of things going on and focusing on us becomes the last thing on your mind, but it’s seriously important to think about what you can do to make you feel better and go throughout the day a lot more smoothly.

Have a you-quiet-moment.

As your day progresses, there are not a lot of moments when you are focusing on too many things at once. I try to take small breaks throughout my day to relax, either my mind or my body, and just think about none sense. It can be enjoying my cup of favorite tea, going for a small walk after lunch, writing down something in my agenda (e.g. how I’m feeling that day) or just treating myself to my favorite cookie.

Never skip breakfast.

Sometimes we rush out of home so we won’t lose the train or because we are late. I always make sure to wake up earlier than usual to enjoy breakfast. Besides being a sort of quiet and relaxing moment, I’m stabilizing my blood sugar and preparing my body for the remaining meals of the day. You know how much of a breakfast fan I am, so here’s a bit of inspiration for a pancake recipe, a breakfast a day and becoming a morning person.

Get moving.

Exercising is one of the most important parts of our day and given that I’ve been skipping it, I automatically feel less energized, motivated and more often than not, tend to criticize my body harshly. Exercising releases endorphins, which are known for making you feel happier, reduce your anxiety and overall stress. Read more about tackling anxiety, fixing your health in the long run, small tricks into maintaining it and how to keep up with your fitness regime.

Technology break.

When was the last time you weren’t clinging on your phone, or computer, or television, or any technology? I’m always suspicious for saying this, but I honestly try my best to disconnect at least an hour a day. Whether I’m going for a walk, on the train, or cooking, I focus my efforts into what I’m doing without getting distracted by other things. We are in an era of technological and social media overuse and have to contour the flow and try to be more present, sink in the moment, really think about it and live it, through our own eyes, instead of a camera’s.

Enjoy, smile and live.

How much of our lives are spent worrying, procrastinating, postponing, stressing about things that actually don’t matter that much or, if they do, should have a time and a place? Take time in your day to enjoy, yourself, your partner, your friends, your city, your life in general because I’m sure there’s something worth celebrating. Smile more often, I’m sure you look a lot nicer and will absolutely feel better. Live your life, get to know you, be present!