How to Pack for Your Next Getaway

pack for a getaway

As you are reading this, I’m comfortably sitting in a table, overlooking a pool and palm trees. Where? In Miami. An opportunity arose to go to the city of so many famous outings. I could not be more excited to escape cold New York for a few days and visit yet another state/city I’ve never been. Slowly making my way around this country, one great city after the other.

And since I’m learning how to travel more with less, I figure it was a good opportunity to show you how/what I’m packing. I intent to take as few things as possible, whilst maximizing ‘gram space. Meaning, I still want to have amazing outfits to inspire you on your next getaway. I’m learning the how to pack craft and, for starters, having great luggage helps a great deal.

I first got acquainted with Away while attending an event last year. It was a cute, private dinner where I got my own personal tag. Initials engraved and all. After that, I started digging a bit into the brand. It turns out, their idea came from the place all other genius ideas come from: necessity. We think about something that’s missing and bam, there’s your sweet spot. I’m yet to try the one I purchased, so let’s see how it holds on its first trip.

Since the weather is going to be hot dang, I figure I’d retrieve my summer dresses, skirts and shorts. I’m only taking a carry on with me and winter clothes on my body. I figured I have enough space for everything I want to take. My dad would be proud of me. But it goes without saying that I have 3 main rules:


#1 Don’t add pieces at the last minute;

I realized these past few years that pieces I suddenly add never see the light of day. Leave impulsive adds out and stick to your original pieces, outfits and essential needs.


#2 Plan your outfits

Last year, when I went back home for Christmas, I planned each daily outfit. Printed out the pieces (or similar ones) and put them together in a fun collage. When space is limited, plan your outfits to the day. It will make getting ready in the morning so much easier.


#3 Always bring an extra

First day on the town and you spill coffee/ketchup/frosting. You never know where the day might take you. So have an extra of a few items – like a shirt, pair of pants or socks. Just in case.