Charleston, South Carolina

Happy, happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend – I surely have. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know where me and my husband travelled to. If not, you should definitely follow and we came all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. With the growing anxiety, stress and tiredness of the past few months, we were in need of a quick escape. Montauk and biking through NYC were amazing, but only lasted a day or afternoon.

Late last week, we decided to be impulsive and urgently needed to leave the city for a bit. Most places on the East Coast are rather expensive this time of year and we’ve been around that area quite a bit. I’ve been wanting to come to Charleston for a while and with one bag, a dog and 5 pairs of shoes, we headed south. It took us 15 hours to drive, but it’s been so worthy. I’m in love with this city! I can’t even begin to explain how much. It’s so picturesque, enchanting, darling and dreamy.

Every corner hides a beautiful and colorful building. Navigating the streets is an ever ending joy and looking up is something you have to get used to. Even though, there are no enormous, tall buildings. It has a charm and feel of a small town and the ocean keeps it company. Most restaurants are fish and shellfish focused and we have not had a bad meal.

Today is the last day exploring, not only Charleston, but the surroundings. We leave bright and early tomorrow back to New York with our hearts full. There are honestly no words to describe this amazing experience and how grateful I am to be having it. A vlog is coming later this week, but meanwhile, make sure you are following us on my Instagram – I’ve been posting stories like a maniac and sharing a few snaps of what we’ve been doing.