Three Way: White Culotte Jeans for Summer

You’ve probably seen these white culottes jumping around my feed. The reason I don’t wear them more often is because, every time I do, I get them dirty. Either Poppy jumps on me or something falls on them. Honestly, they are the hardest piece I’ve ever owned. And one of my favorites at the moment. And because white is summer, and summer is white, why not pair them three different ways. These white culotte jeans are what I’ll be wearing year around.

Remember this top? Well, I got them both that and this one at the same time, but it’s been hell trying to wear this one. I can’t understand how it ties – and believe me, I’ve tried to look for tutorials. It’s such a beautiful color, shape and pattern, but then (insert questioning emoji) what the effff. I finally gathered the guts to take it out and show off my unimpressive stomach. And loved the combination with the red slides. This would be perfect for a date night or cocktail hour.

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This top was almost love at first sight. While scrolling down the Revolve pages, I knew I had found a summer lovah. It’s silky texture and flowiness are wonderfully fresh. I just want to sip a piña colada and sit in a tikki bar. I figured I’d tone down the look a little bit with a pair of sneakers. This way, you can wear it during the day – and change into a pair of sandals by night.

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This look is my favorite. All the talk I was doing here, you can now see what it was about down there. I’ve been wearing this t-shirt back and forth and you might’ve spotted it in my stories already. I feel like this look is one I would wear indefinitely because of how classic it is. Pairing white, white and floral. They’re such easy and comfortable pieces to be wearing in the sticky New York summer. If I can get these white culotte jeans clean one more day…

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