Episode 5: My Husband Vlogged

Monday, we meet again. It seems like time is rushing by and it’s already Monday, again. But fear not, because here in America, it still feels like the weekend (tomorrow is the fourth of July). This Sunday we felt like having a more relaxed and toned down day. Me and my husband have been walking pretty intensively lately, so we felt like doing not a lot. And my husband vlogged! He was the one holding the camera pretty much the whole day and, apparently he talks way more than me.

We had a quiet breakfast at one of our favorite places in Brooklyn. Followed by a quick trip to the supermarket aaaaand, we went shopping. Don’t worry dad, it wasn’t for me. Off we ventured to fifth avenue and it was so delightful. So much so that we went extravagant and did a crazy purchase – which I’ll be sharing in no time.

Meanwhile, I hope you had a great weekend – for those of you whose week is starting. And are still having a great weekend, for those fourth of Julyers. We are getting back to work as normal schedule would have it and don’t forget to always follow along on Insta stories for some extra juice behind the scenes. See you here tomorrow!

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