Episode 6: Summer in New York City

After a few days of social media blockage, I’m slowly back to blogging. The thing is, I had to deal with some upsetting news last week – that I’m not at liberty to share right now, but will. And I didn’t feel like sharing things just for the sake of it. So I took a few days to digest and deal with the situation. Yesterday was the first day in a week that I felt like myself – and in a good mood. I woke up early but had a chance to take it easy, enjoy the day and really take in summer in New York City.

Today’s vlog is just about that. Feeling good and enjoying people in your life. I took Poppy out for a walk in Brooklyn, had breakfast by myself, chilled at home, watched a few movies. And went, again, to Brooklyn with my husband. Summer in New York City makes you feel good. Those days when it’s not too hot and humid, you just want to stroll outside. I kept the window cracked open until late in the evening.

The thing is, until you’re okay with yourself, you can’t be okay with others. I’m very much a deal-with-it-alone kind of girl. I barely talk about the problems and let it sink. Then, one morning, I wake up filled with hope that what’s happening has a reason – even though I might not know it yet. Until then, I’m going to sit here and enjoy the true summer in New York City.

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