Dress Two Impress This Spring

When I decided to take a break from blogging, I cocooned into a research mode. It was accidental but I found inspiration in my favorite blogs, websites, newsletters and Pinterest. To cut a long story short, I’m going to start changing things around here and trying out different layouts and posts. Things were getting a bit stiff and, again, my creativity needed a break. I’m starting to share these sorts of editorials and this one is called dress two impress.

dress two impress

First off is this beautiful H&M dress, which you might remember from here. Upon buying this blazer, I immediately envisioned the juxtaposition of the prints and colors. Resulting in a dress two impress sort of outfit, while keeping in tone with my personal style. I’m all for the casual sneaker with the pretty dress and working girl blazer. And could not have asked for a better turnout. Below you can shop a few more options by hovering the image.

We’re roughly a month away from summer, which equals flowy dresses in light or bold colors and prints. I find myself unconsciously reaching out for above-the-knee dresses. And even though I’m still pale, I have a zero-fucks-given policy. This is my natural color so if I have it, I will flaunt it.

dress two impress

This second look bares (pun intended) the same feel of the first one. Mixing high and low pieces, resulting in a casual, yet lady-like look. Sometimes the answer has been in front of you the whole time but you don’t see it. I’ve had this Zara dress for two years and the military parka is from last summer. While sitting on a pile of clothes a few weeks ago, they were hanging on top of each other and a light just buzzed. Another perfect print combination for a practical day around the city. I would maybe switch the slingbacks for something more comfortable but again, dress two impress.

I’m obsessed with the & Other Stories dress section. The light colors and unusual prints are giving me all kinds of vibes. And most of the dresses in this editorial are from there. These two outfits will be on rotation and are currently staring at me from the clothing rack. Please stop.