The Mustard Velvet Blazer Hugh Hefner Would Wear

This beautiful Zara velvet blazer gives me Hugh Hefner vibes. Every time I put it on, I imagine myself walking around the playboy mansion. With a cigar in my hand and a busty blonde on the other. It’s a very powerful blazer that I’ve been wearing several different ways (also seen here and here). Amazingly enough, the blazer had a matching pair of pants. I almost got them but felt it would be too much mustard on me. Is there such a thing?

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and, I’m not going to lie. I was fucking cold! But all for the ‘gram, as I’ve heard it. This beautiful setting is walking distance from our apartment. I feel a great deal of excitement going there because you’re in the city without actually being in it. It’s a truly privileged view – and you’ve probably seen it on my Stories.

I love the idea of pairing two pieces that have the same effect on top of each other. These two blazer have very different purposes but, layered look amazing. The classicism of the grey one on top of the modern and contemporary feel that is the velvet blazer. And, even though the latter can look more like a party/evening piece, you can pair it with some casual jeans and sneakers. Which ultimately does the trick and enables you to wear it on a daily basis, a bit like I do.

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157 velvet blazer-2-02

157 velvet blazer-2-03

157 velvet blazer-2-05

157 velvet blazer-2-04

157 velvet blazer-2-06

157 velvet blazer-2-07

157 velvet blazer-2-09

Zara Oversized and Velvet Blazer, Bershka Oversized Shirt, H&M Vintage Jeans, Vans Old Skool Leopard Print Sneakers and MAC ‘Hot Tahiti’ Lipstick.

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