The Struggles of Winter in New York City

After this post was so successful, I decided to do sort of a sequel with the struggles of living through winter in New York. When I moved here, almost 3 years ago, our first winter was brutal. And I’m not just saying. From October to May, the cold didn’t cease. It was hard, freezing, uncomfortable. Being our third winter in the big apple, I’ve started taking notes and gathering some expert advice. Even though so far this year, we can’t complain.

While having the idea for this post, I saw a live story of Eva Chen, where someone asked her about the winter in New York. And she said, it’s all about survival. It literally hit close to home. Because it is. There are several situations that unfold and you just can’t avoid them. Even to become a true New Yorker, sort of like a rite of passage. You have to let go of convenience, forget about warmth and battle your natural instincts.

Ha! I’m joking. But winter in New York is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. Especially for fashion girls, who never want to resign their fashion status, but often end up having to do so.

After a big snow storm, you’re bound to step on that puddle of half-frozen disgusting yuky goo.

You can say bye-bye to your shoes, unless you’re wearing Hunter, or similar looking, boots. It has happened to me as soon as I got into Manhattan and yes, my foot was in hypothermia for the rest of the day.

Not losing a glove, umbrella or scarf.

Yes, you’re a God if you don’t lose any of these items by the time spring blooms. I’ve had my umbrella since my first winter and it’s still going strong – even though I’ve left it at a friends place for a few weeks.

Getting rid of jeans/pants/trousers for the duration of spring, summer and fall.

Yes. I can honestly say that I got tired of those awful things. It was the only thing I wore for 7 months. Aleluia to the day I finally put on some tights.

Rarely getting to show off your whole outfit.

Underneath all those scarves, beanies, coats, sweaters and pants, lies a cute, gorgeous and prepared outfit you normally never get to show. Because a) outside is going to be impossible and b) inside you still have to keep your sweater.

Realizing that you can lose your hand if you own an iPhone.

Picture this, a rough -25 Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit) and your phone starts ringing or buzzing from text messages incessantly. You let it go once, twice. By the third time, you’re obliged to remove your glove and feel the frigid air of minus whatever. Because at some point, all negative temperatures are just that, negative.

Getting ready to go outside, snap a picture and go back in.

Guilty as charged. During our first winter, there was a huge snowstorm with all the works. Staying inside for a few days, not leaving the house, getting finned if you do. But on the next day, the sky was crystal clear and the sun was shining. Of course I got on my best and most uncomfortable outfit to snap a few pictures. Leaving my whole body to freeze.

Sweating profusely on the subway but not being able to take off any layers.

Because during winter everyone takes the subway. It’s crowded, hot and messy and you just want to take off your coat. But you can’t. People won’t let you and as soon as you step out of the train, you have to be on your best and most perfect layer-mode.

Even though, it’s a wonderful time. Do you have any winter experiences to share?