5 Ways to Style a Leopard Coat This Season

Word on the street is, leopard coats are the shizz. Everyone is wearing them, every high-end and fast fashion store has them and we are going for it. I actually got mine two years ago, on the worst winter of my life. And it’s a been a go-to ever since. Feel like everyone is following me (ha! wishful thinking). But all funniness aside, it’s a style for the ages and I simply love it. You can be wearing the most boring outfit of your life, but frost it with a leopard coat and you’re gold.

I decided to give you a hand and start your mood board inspiration. Whether you’re thinking about getting one or already have one but don’t know how to wear it, here’s your 101. A leopard coat is as versatile as bread. You can wear it with sneakers, heels, jeans, pants, skirts, t-shirts, on top of jackets. It’s no longer considered a tacky thing and it makes you look Kate Moss cool.

#1 With a graphic tee

leopard coat

I find that, this one is my favorite. You can wear a leopard coat with a cool printed/vintade/classic t-shirt and be done with it. No need to worry about much else. Of course for New York, I would add another coat and some black tights. Shorts also seen here.

#2 With a skirt

leopard coat

This look can easily look trashy, but it all hangs in the way you style the skirt. It’s important for it not to be the shortest skirt you have, but also don’t wear the granny one – beware of proportions. This skirt (also seen here and here) is perfect. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun and paired with a classic striped camisole (also seen here) makes for the perfect balance.

#3 With jeans

leopard coat

A few months ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who told me she would never wear a leopard coat on a daily basis. I highly disagreed. I wear mine all the time. The trick is, finding a way to downplay the boldness of the print. And what better piece than an understated, relaxed pair of jeans and some sneakers?

#4 With heels

leopard coat

Again, the same situation as the skirt, it can quickly become a bad idea to wear a leopard coat with heels. But forget the fashion faux pas for a second. I firmly believe that we can wear almost anything, as long as we do it with class and a little awareness. And when so much is happening with your outfit, make sure your make up is simple and accessories are minimal.

#5 With a dress

leopard coat

Since winter here in New York is a bit harsh, this would be the least likely option I would wear. But it’s still fun to think about the whole outfit and play around with several trends of the season. The dress over a bell-long-sleeved-top (which was last seen here). The socks with heels and the half bun. I would totally wear this for a fun night out with girlfriends or dinner date with my husband.

Shop my favorite leopard print faux fur coats:
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