My Favorite Moment of 2016

As stated previously, this year wasn’t the best. At all. But, also as stated, we should always look for the good in situations. I do believe everything happens for a reason and bad years are here to help us appreciate the good ones. Picking a favorite moment of 2016 isn’t easy. I really had to think back and deep to reach a decision.

This year made me realize how positivity helps me get through things. In every bad situation, I looked for what could come out of it. And how it could positively affect my life. It wasn’t easy. But the worst of times always seems to help us realize the best of times.

Picking my favorite moment of 2016 takes me back to the summer. I came home for about 3 weeks. The weather was perfect and one afternoon I went, by myself, to the beach. I took the book I was reading, laid there for a few hours, took a swim, then by 6, went to the car. Turned on the radio and the line of songs seemed to be in tune with my mood. I took the car and went for a longer drive than usual, about an hour. I remember the exact feeling, my thoughts and how grateful I felt for having grown up in a city like this. For my parents, For my family. For the weather and this beautiful world.

I know it seems kind of cheesy, but it’s true. We seldom forget to appreciate the world we live in and everything it gives us. I’ve been growing more and more aware of how we inhabit the hearth. That’s why I post so many pictures of landscapes, beaches, and most of all, sunsets. Throughout this year, I tried to appreciate every single moment of those, take a minute to absorb, look and feel the moment.

My favorite moment of 2016 was one of those enlightened, gracious and simple situations we usually take for granted.

What was your favorite moment of 2016?