Happy New Year

I feel like I spent this year in awe. 2017 came too quickly and for once, I’m glad. Everything was pretty much said in the previous posts, so this is just to spoil you and thank you for following me. It’s been an amazing year for the blog, my followers and this ever growing community. There’s plenty in store for next year and you’ll be getting a lot more from this space. Wishing you a happy new year isn’t enough to thank you for coming here every single day. Or even once in a while.

More than ever, I felt sure of myself and my passion for I Life You. I try to never stop creating fresh content, searching for new ideas and ways to share my own personal story in hopes that it, somehow, relates to yours. For that and so much more, thank you! And as sort of a reward, I gathered throughout the year, some bloopers from my photoshoots. I hope you enjoy the compilation!

We’re going to be spending the turn of the new year at home with close friends and family. Our hometown is always a special place to be. On Sunday, New York calls once again and we fly out. At least we start the new year at our second home ready to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

I hope you’ll keep coming back. Promise to keep you hooked. And love you for¬†allowing me to pursue my dream. A very very happy new year and we’ll see each other here on Monday, in 2017.

happy new year




happy new year



happy new year



Xx Eduarda