2016 Was The Year Of…

2016 was a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, it was the year I spent my first New Year’s in New York, the year my (last) grandparent died, the year I flew 4 times alone, the year I started working at my dream job in New York. From asking around, people didn’t like 2016 that much. But it doesn’t mean that we should not look around to see the good.

2016 was the year I struggled with myself a lot, but also the year I found myself the most. I lost weight, felt like I was a bit more grounded, made new friends and found a new meaning to the word dependable. We got a dog, and that was probably the highlight of the year. We also moved apartment in New York City, explored different places and even traveled to the west coast.

This season has been the best of the best and I could not be happier to be home. For Christmas, New Year’s and the beginning of the year. You never know where the year is going to take you, and this one, was a serious rollercoaster. So many up ups and down downs. I learned that crying is okay, that saying no makes you stronger and that not every opportunity is a blessing in disguise.

I also learned how to be more independent, more alone and more together. I learned the importance of caring for the people you love and how they matter the most. How strength, support and wholesomeness are found in places you didn’t even knew you had. My grandfather dying was sort of a turning point. Mainly because I wasn’t with my family when it happened, so the mourning was more painful. It wasn’t shared nor believable. And this first Christmas without him was bittersweet. We all had a great time here at home, cheered to the ones that were no longer with us and laughed until wine came out of our nostrils.

This season has given me the strength to believe that this wasn’t a bad year after all. It was just a tough one, that made us learn our lessons and face our fears. Tackle insecurities and grow stronger relationships.

What was your 2016 like?