Thoughts On Turning 28

Happy 10th! After yesterday’s post there’s not a whole lot much to add. But I’m very thankful to be able to celebrate my birthday, get some presents, enjoy the company of my friends, husband, get so much love through texts, comments and calls. Even though I’m far away from my parents – for the 3rd consecutive year – life is exactly where it’s supposed to be. I’m excited for what’s next in store, what 28 means and how I have to find myself, all over again. Don’t ever let a number ruin your life, just embrace and feel happy you get to celebrate.

28 is definitely going to be a turning point in my life.

And in the weeks leading up to it, so many things changed and started happening and there’s so much to do. Lately, I have had some of the most deep and strong conversations, fights, discussions. Got sick of myself. Felt thrilled, happy, sad. But most of all, excited. Now, I can’t help but feel excited for today and what’s to come.

Let’s all raise our glasses, celebrate being alive, being 28, finding out who we are and just live life. Make sure you enjoy your day!

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