Acne Fighting Tools

Drugstore Alcohol, La Roche Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser, Thayers Rose Water, La Roche Posay Effaclar KTea Tree Oil and Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush.

In 2010, I started struggling with something I’ve never had to before: acne, really gross acne on my chin (only!). Having had a dull and very dry complexion for most of my adolescent and young adult years, I didn’t know what tools to use or how to tackle the issue. I had it sort of under control most of the time but when we moved to Dubai, something happen and my chin became oily. I had major breakouts and was feeling highly insecure about it.

It wasn’t until I went back to Portugal, in the summer of 2013, that someone told me I might have food intolerances. Off I went to the doctor, got tested and what do you know, I was intolerant to five things: wheat flour, egg whites, apples, pineapple and cherries. I wouldn’t have to stop eating these things but have them in moderation, which was fine at the time. The acne started fading and my skin started to clear but, not long after that, it resurfaced and, nowadays, I’m struggling yet again.

Unfortunately, it’s in a very exposed area and I always feel like people are looking – like when you have a piercing – and I fight with it every single day. Maybe I’ve developed new intolerances but, until I figure out, I found a few tools that help my skin feel a little clearer, even though there’s always something there.



Like in all other skin routines, I always remove my make up. I only apply a little bit of concealer to the affected area, if I’m going somewhere to meet friends or for a meeting but, generally speaking, I try to steer clear. Even though, I feel it’s important to remove everything.


Then, I always apply a little bit of drugstore alcohol to the affected area with light and swiping movements. The alcohol is good to dry the area or, if you popped something, to disinfect, but be careful because it’s extremely drying.


I recently discovered La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser which I’ve been using in the shower, before I go to bed and after I wake up. It’s also an extremely skin drying product but so far it works well. Make sure to apply it only to the affected area.


After these three steps, if my skin feels irritated, I take the time to lay down and apply a rose water soaked cotton onto my chin and let it stay for around 10 minutes. I use that time to either read, scroll through my Instagram or just watch some TV with M. It has a soothing effect!


Finally, depending on the look of the acne, I either apply tea tree oil – a secret told by a friend – if there are no open pores or recently squeezed blemishes or La Roche Posay Effaclar K to dry the chin out. The tea tree oil has a very strong smell, but apply it before you go to bed and you won’t believe the results the next day – never apply both.

NOTE: these are products I’ve been testing out through reviews and/or recommendations. I’ve been to the dermatologist a few times but so far nothing has worked. I’m in no way equipped to advise you on what might work better for you. 

What are your acne fighting tools? I would love to know!