Challenge Yourself

Lately I’ve been highly focused on growing my network in all means of social media. Whether we’re talking about sharing the blog, gaining followers on Instagram or retweeting more, it’s becoming a strange and unhappy obsession. Surely enough, getting likes, comments or shares sort of validates the content we are putting out there, but how is it making us happy? The more people watch us the more we feel there’s something to prove and spend most of our days thinking about ourselves.

I love scrolling through Instagram and finding people that really inspire me, or reading blog posts that seem non-chalant, carefree and in awe of our daily life. That’s mostly what I try to do with I Life You, getting content I’m really passionate about and things I look for on the internet. But isn’t life supposed to be lived elsewhere? Sure, I spend most of my day at the computer/phone, but I also take my time to enjoy other non-technological activities to make sure my mind stays straight.

I love going outside, for walks, to take pictures, to sit in a park and just immerse myself in the surroundings. This past weekend I went to Central Park to gaze at the beautiful flowers everyone, including me, can’t get tired of (seen here). When you’re not focusing on yourself, you have time to focus on others, on things that make your day-to-day life, on your partner, your friends or simply on what you’re looking at. M endearingly laughs at me when we’re riding in the car and I just start admiring the blossoming flowers, the light of the day or Manhattan’s skyline, because I do feel amazed and grateful by these things and I do think about them on a daily basis.

Challenge yourself to disconnect more from the things that make us seem egotistical, self-conscious, anxious and unhappy in the long haul. Go for a walk in the nearest park or beach, cook a meal at home, rearrange your drawers, go buy flowers for your loved ones and listen to someone.