Basic Wardrobe Staples

I’ve written once before that everyone must have basic wardrobe staples. For those occasions when you don’t know what to wear, are feeling uninspired, lack creativity or just want to wear a casual, yet elegant ensemble. I’ve been collecting my statement pieces over the years and own a few that have been in my closet for more than two, three and even four years. Unless they rip, torn or are really unwearable, they’re bound to stay where they are and I often wear them. I decided to round up my basic wardrobe staples (even combined) or worn as a separate piece.

basic wardrobe staples

The most basic: the boyfriend jeans. These are my 501’s that have been on rotation. Honestly, they are my go-to when I don’t feel like wearing either skinny jeans or skirts. I reach for them and they look good with every single top (see them here).

The printed top can have all shapes and sizes you want, as long as you have one. It can turn a boring outfit into a colorful bliss or an elegant statement. This one is from Zara and I bought it with its matching printed shorts which look gorgeous combined!

basic wardrobe staples

A selection of basic jackets include the denim jacket (similar here), leather jacket (similar here) and suede jacket (this one is for men but I love the oversized fit) and also was a very recent addition to my basic staples. It’s almost a jacket for every occasion but it’s good to vary and let’s be honest, they look good with almost every single outfit we are trying to pull (see the denim jacket here and the leather jacket here).

basic wardrobe staples

I feel like owning a basic pair of high heel sandals is a pretty grown-up thing to do. These ones, from Zara, are my first elegant black pair and I have to say they make me feel pretty much on top of my game (see them here).

Printed pants are a game changer. These ones are from Zara (similar here), from two years ago, and still look trendy, good and elongate my legs in a way other pants don’t (see them here). They can also elevate simple staples like this white shirt (similar here), which can look boring but paired with a fun print, doesn’t. I love the loose fit of this one and bought it last year for New Year’s Eve.

basic wardrobe staples

Let’s not forget the classic loafer for meetings, interviews or just a more formal lunch. This pair is from Zara and feel highly comfortable and chic, giving your look a very shiny touch (see them here and here). And, of course, the classic sneaker. I have these ones from Adidas but there are so many others you can choose from (here) and they complement perfectly every outfit. In my day-to-day, I normally prefer to wear sneakers for a relaxed and comfortable look (see them here).

basic wardrobe staples

The skinny jean that everyone is trying to push out but I’m still highly faithful to. Every two or three years I have to buy a new pair because the ones I currently have get worn out (see them here).

Last but not least, the black blazer and the basic white tank. In addition to the previous mentioned coats, the black blazer is called for a load of ensembles and the ultimate piece when you don’t really know what to throw on top of that basic boring white tank (see the blazer here). I got this one four years ago (similar here) and it’s still looking sharp.

I would love to know what are your basic wardrobe staples!

Note: I realize a few staples are missing, like the LBD (or Little Black Dress) or statement jewelry, but I still haven’t found the one(s)!