My take

Photo by PatrĂ­cia Canastreiro.

Being in a relationship isn’t as easy-going as being single. It can be as good and as bad. Even when in a relationship, you can feel lonely, happy, sad, excited. Everything in the beginning is new and great and people are in love and say things that they don’t even think about that much. I remember my first serious relationship got me doing and saying things I wouldn’t normally say. I didn’t know what was right or wrong and if I had to say or do things just to please the other person. I was very young and came to figure out that being in a relationship that young isn’t good. Makes you resent a little your adolescence days and feel like you missed out on some things. But, other than that, my second biggest relationship is running on the wind. There wasn’t any pressure in the beginning, everything was very natural, we weren’t really expecting a lot of each other and things ran smoothly. Of course we had rough times but compared to the good ones, nothing can excel. You have to make sacrifices when in a relationship and learn that you are not the only one in it – no place for being selfish – but you can also learn to love, understand and respect. See that with that other person, you can grow old and go through life’s difficult paths accompanied. So, apart from the awesomeness of being single, being in a relationship has its perks too. Especially when you think you have the right person by your side.